Home Remedies for Gas Pain : How To Get Rid of Gas Pains

It is normal for a human being to release gas out of them for 13 to 21 times per day. This is because gas releasing is a normal part of our digesting process. If the gas in your body starts to build in your intestine during the times, you can’t release it then it will have resulted in discomfort and you will begin to experience pain.
Here is a list of home remedies to treat the gas pain.


1. Carom Seeds

One of the main causes of gas pain is the digestion problems. So using carom seed will help you reduce your gas pain gradually as this seed has a component named thymol which helps our body in the process of secreting the gastric juice which helps us to ease our digesting process. Take half spoon of carom seed with water daily one time to get the pain relief.

2. Jeera

Consumption of the jeera water is known to be one of the greatest home remedies for treating the gas problem in our body. The main reason is that oil in the jeera helps our body to create the salivary glands to improve our digestion of food and stops the extensive formation of gas. Mix a spoon of Jeera in the cup of water and let it heat for a few minutes then drink them after your every meal until you get relief from the pain.

3. Ginger

Ginger is known for giving relief for our body from the gas pain by acting as the natural carminative agent. This is the main reason why the consumption of ginger is considered as the greatest Ayurvedic remedy. Take a cup of lime tea and mix it with one spoon of ginger after taking every meal to feel the difference.

4. Lime Juice and Baking Powder

Having this drink will help you to ease your digesting process by helping your body to create the carbon-di-oxide which allows your body to release excessive gas. Take a cup of water and add ingredients such as a spoon of lime juice and half spoon of baking soda and mix them well before drinking them.

5. Triphala

Triphala is the herbal powder which helps you to treat the gas pains in the body. You need to handle this powder very carefully as using this excessively will result in the swollen belly as this powder has a high amount of fiber. Add this mixture to water and boil it for 10 minutes and consume it daily before sleeping.

6. Let Them Go


Preventing the gas from releasing your body will have resulted in the tremendous amount of pain sometimes it will cause the gas to stay in our body to experience the gas pains. The simplest way to avoid this pain is to just let it go.

7. Herbs

The herbs present in your home will be very beneficial for your body from getting relief from the gas pain. So try to add these herbs in your foods as more as possible will help you in the process of releasing gas from your body. Having these herbs will help the food, you are eating to speed the digestion process as it helps you to relieve the excessive gas present in your body.

8. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is widely used for the skin treatments and overcome our skin allergies, but most of us don’t know that Aloe Vera can be used as the juice which helps you in the treatment of gas relief. Some researchers suggest that usage of Aloe vera juice will help you to release the gas and gas related problem effective and immediate.

9. Buttermilk and Yogurt

The usage of milk-related products such as buttermilk and yogurt will help you in the process of gas-relieving and improve the digesting process in our body. The good bacteria present in these dairy products will help you to improve your pain relief. Also fat present in the milk also helps you to release the unwanted gas from your body.

10. Papaya

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Papaya is widely used for stomach problems and getting relief from the gas pain. This fruit has the anti-oxidants and an enzyme which helps you to ease your digestion process from preventing your body to store an excessive amount of gas in our stomach. Papaya also has several other benefits in them to treat some of the diseases in our body.

11. Garlic

Garlic is known for helping our body from getting rid of the trapped gas. This is often used to treat the digesting issues in our body mainly gas related problems. The heating characteristics present in the garlic will help us to release the gastric fire from our body. You can consume the fresh garlic to get instant relief from the pain.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple vinegar helps you to get effective and immediate relief from the many problems but it is mainly used for treating the indigestion issues and the gas related pains. Mix apple vinegar with water and heat them for a few minutes then drink this solution to have instant relief from the digesting related issues from our body and escape from the gas pains.

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The above-mentioned methods can be used to get relief from gas pain, and you also need to avoid the food types that increase the gas present in your body and the foods that cause the digesting problems. Share this article with your family and friends to help them ease their pain and you can covey your questions related to this article in the comment section.

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