All Time Best Tamil Movies to Watch! Check & Make Sure the List

Theeran Adhigaram Ondru

It was a superb thriller movie that engages the viewers throughout the movie. And put forths the question of what’s next Actor Karthi Has done a fantastic job in portraying Theeran there exists some romantic story between Theeran and Priti  the lose of her wife made him more execution in this movie

For the first half of the movie, We don’t see the villain But we can feel How the villain? will be. The Background Story was very much apt The respect for the police officers who worked and were not recognized for their work was portrayed in a good manner this movie may change the perspective of the police officers.

This was an edge seat thriller movie The last bus and the train Sequence are the Highlights of the movie and it was well pictured


Namma Vettu Pillai

The movie was very much insane and Family Concern The movie was finely cast by Actor Sivakarthikeyan and Aishwarya Rajesh. The initial scenes of the film however portrayed the friendship concept. But It turnaround d with  a little emotional and  social strong  message

The combination of Sivakarthikeyan and Soori will always be the blockbuster and it also headed in this movie though brother-sister sentiments played a major role in the struggles and happiness that happens in the family also plays the was the major concept they were empowering here. It was a family entertainer movie and a visual treat for the audience who watch the movie with their family.

Movie 96

It will be the best new Tamil version of intense emotional love stories. It is very rare to see the best pair like Ram and Janu. The  school love was perfectly pictured by the director in this movie .though many scenes don’t have dialogues till the end of the movie that scenes directly penetrates into the hearts of the audience

Many of us feel like there can a reunion of our schools too to fetch the memories we had in our school days. Actor Vijaysethupathi was a black hero anybody cannot copy the simplicity of his acting. Trisha had shown all her emotions with her expressive eyes and it is a major comeback for her

The music director is a man of ultimate in this movie the scenes and music collaborate to create magic here Although the last 45 minutes feel like the movie doesn’t want to end Reality is all love stories don’t have a rosy ending the quote “ DISTANCE TO LOVE IS LIKE A WIND TO FIRE “ perfectly suits the story.

Kuttram 23

Action-packed thriller movie is Kuttram 23 The movie was about the medical crime. That is happening in society. This is illegally happening in society This story clearly portrays pressures on a woman to a child and pushing them to mental stress and breakdown. But the climax was ordinary and it ended very soon without a complete message.

Sillunu Oru Kadhal

This was a romantic drama cast by the real couples Suriya and Joythika. Since the picture was released a year back. It will be the most favorite film of all real living couples  Throughout this decade.

Kundavi (Jyothika ) brought up in a small village and married to Gowtham (Surya).who was a mechanical engineer he was going abroad for his office work. At that time Kundavi comes to know about Gotham’s lost love. she feels that he was not happy so she tries to make a meetup with her lost lover.

He won’t have a thought like that even he meets her lost lover Ishwarya she thinks only about Kundavi this shows the real mankind and Gowtham. Though many have their first love in their life for many reasons they couldn’t continue that. Even though  After marrying an unknown girl the life can be happier was beautifully cast in this film.

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Emmagan is an ever time shining movie directed by Thiru Murugan who became famous for directing the mega-hit serial Mattioli. In this movie, the simplicity of all characters in a big family and the story’s reality attracted every woman’s children and all groups of people.

Everyone acted in this movie had given their best but the role of Nazar, Bharath, Saranya, and Vadivelu had gained more attention from the audience majorly. The full movie proceeds with Nazar’s dominance and anger toward Saranya’s care. Finally, Family love will change the Nazar’s attitude.

Inidhu Inidhu

Every one of us has a bunch of sweet memory banks a great part will be occupied by school and college days. In a short span, the movie Inidhu Inidhu will make us recollect the sweet memories like bonding in friendship, first love, senior crush, struggles to get top grades, jealous, senior-junior clash. Favorites lectures college day trip, cute little fights, and more.

A  particular gang of students from unfamiliar surroundings stepping into an engineering college the story moves through the incidents happening during their college days People who love their college days and missing their friends must drop a smile with tears during the final farewell song kallori thaye.


This was the sentimental comedy-drama. The story is not new but this movie heard more good reviews from the audience than negative reviews. Still, this movie is having a place in the favorite movie list of a great number  of people

The bonding between the brothers and sisters was portrayed sentimentally in this movie villains vengeance and brothers’ love for their sister made them grant their complete assets as a dowry for her sister’s marriage. This bonding and sacrifices of brothers made the movie more successful.


The story is an agricultural and sport based movie though many of the village women’s with exciting talents cannot explore their talents due to the orthodox villagers fails to accept such kind of talents was pictured here.

The father-like Murugeshan (Sathyaraj), farmer because of his obsession with cricket and inspiring his daughter to be a world-class cricketer. She was also working hard to fulfill her father’s dream at last she played for India and also made the team win and made her father proud.

The final emotional speech made the farmer and the country proud  In spite of all the hurdles the father struggles to fulfill her daughter’s dreams also happen in many of Indian families.

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This movie is a commercial entertainer movie That depicts the ancient martial arts (ADIMURAI). This movie encourages many youngsters in learning the Indian martial arts than switching over to foreign games.

The fight sequence is a great support of the film which depicts the story in a hit movie .though it is also been a comedy sequence in some places of the movie with Dhanush and his friend the movie has a strong message to the society with entertainment.

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