Best Movies in 2019 – 2020 | List of Best Movies in the Year of 2019

Best Movies in 2019 – 2020

Movies are the kind of art that connects with the audience through the screen. Usually, art doesn’t have any structure or pattern of making or ranking system. Every art is a good art and it stands on its own justification of why it is made by the maker. Movies are also one of that and it has no exceptions. No one can tell or rate an art or how to make art. Art is simply an art that has no boundaries. Speaking about movies; some people say movies are two types one is an art movie and another is a commercial movie but this statement is not true.

We can’t say this statement on any other art like painting or sculpture. But why we have this statement on movies alone? The answer is movies are the easily understandable form of art which is observed and followed by most of the population. The factor which made to see the movies in a different way is connectivity. While watching movies we used to see the characters in the movie if we connect with those characters in that movie, that movie will feel good to us. It that magic won’t happens you won’t like that movie.

Movies are European art. In India, this art came a century before but we have different kinds of art from the beginning of our civilization. The beautiful part is we love new European art than any other one because this art has communication. Languages play in the major part and movies drives the culture of the society. Movies various in woods, I am not speaking about the forest. It is like Hollywood, Kollywood, Bollywood, Mollywood and it goes on. Every woods have a different film making style and film languages.

Indian Movies – Dramatic

In India, movies came from Stage Dramas and street dramas. That’s why old Indian movies sound dramatic. That’s why we are struggling to make European standard movies. But some of the movies are achieving it. Some people say we are backlogged to Hollywood movies but it is not true. We can make huge budget movies and a high standard low budget movies. We can balance and don’t blame masala movies because of it our own standard.

best movies in 2019

But what we need to do is to maintain the standard and make good movies. There is a myth called high budget movies that are always good but it is not true for example this year Saho. It is huge budget but poor output. And the biggest problem is content theft. You know Saho was a theft from a French movie. So filmmakers please don’t do that.

In my view movies are apart from languages, countries, and races. A good movie can place a huge impact on society. Trends and culture always came from movies and a good movie is like a packaged history of a particular period. To study the period movies will help more than any other.

Best Movies of the Year 2019

In these woods, I am going to list the best movies of this year 2019. My list will starts from December 2018 to October 2019. Because this is an October month so I can’t see the movies which are going to release in November and December 2019 so I added December 2018 month movie in this list. This list is not about top to bottom order or bottom to top order. Everyone on this list is worth watching one. And I am going to list only Hollywood, Bollywood Tollywood and Kollywood movies alone. I haven’t seen any Malayalam and Marathi movies throughout the year so such movies will not appear here and I am going to mention it on month-wise. For a month 1 movie will be considered. If a month has two or more good movies, I am going to choose the best in that. The best movie is chosen by the weight of the content and also I will give the specify mentions after the list. Don’t blame me If a movie that you like is not on the list. I prepared this list by my view and the movies that I watched.

So here the list starts,

Seethakathi | Tamil | December 2018

It is a full-length art movie without masala elements which was directed by Balaji Tharanitharan. And stared by Vijayseathupathi. This movie is an underrated one and it hasn’t collected well in the box office. But it is still worthy. This movie is a Drama category and the phase of this movie is a little slow. If you like a slow phasing drama, you can definitely watch it.

Vijayseathupathi’s acting will not satisfy you but the content is worthy to watch. This movie speaks about the afterlife of a drama artist and the stupid ideas of the Kollywood industry to make a movie as a successful one.

Peranbu | Tamil | Malayalam | February 2019

Actually it is a bilingual movie but I watched it in Tamil which was directed by Ram and stared by The great Malayalam superstar Mamooty.

This movie is a must-watch movie for parents not for kids. This movie speaks about sex education and the sorrow of a father of the differently-abled female child. Literally this movie will bring the tears on your eyes. This is also a slow phasing movie form a Drama category. This movie got many international Film festival awards and it is worth watching one.

Super Deluxe | Tamil | March 2019

Super Deluxe is a hyperlink fictional fantasy drama that was directed by Thyagaraja Kumararaja and stared by Samantha, Fahath Fasil, Vijayseathupathi, Gayathri, Ramya Krishnan, and Myskin.

It is a fun-filled movie with excitement and enjoyments it gives more goosebumps and it is adults only certified movie. The music plays special role and the music was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Jersey | Telugu | April 2019

Jersey is a sports drama directed by Gowtham Tinnanuri and stared by Naani and Shraddha Srinath. This movie will give inspiration and motivation. This movie speaks about the 36year old men’s ambition to play in the Indian cricket team. But cricket is a game which was played by the players who are below 39. So this is the most inspiring one.

Article 15 | Hindi | June 2019

It is crime Investigation drama and it was directed by Sinha and stared by Ayushmann Khurrana. This movie speaks about the cast issues in the villages of UP and how the Ruling party uses the people in the name of the cast.

This is a must-watch movie and it speaks the truth. I was hopeful that this movie will definitely be official Indian entry for Oscars but what to do Gully Boy went. I am not saying Gully Boy is not worth but Article 15 is more worthy than any other film in India. And it is a Must watch a movie.

Agent Sri Srinivasa Aathriaya | Telugu

It is a crime Investigation comedy movie and it was directed by RSJ Swaroop and stared by Naveen Polishetty. It is a funny movie and it speaks about a childish detective who solves a mystery. And it is a worth watching movie.

Super 30 | Hindi | July 2019

This is a Drama film which was directed by Vikas Bahl and stared by Hrithik Roshan and this movie story is old but staging and content making is new so this came to my list and it is also a one-time watchable.

Once Upon a Time | English | August 2019

This is a Drama movie which was directed by Quintin Tarantino and stared by Decaprio, Bard pit and Margot Robbie. This movie is the QT’s 9th movie and this movie faces big criticism and it is a slow phasing movie. This movie is about an old Hollywood actor and his stunt dupe. Many people say this movie is not like in QT style but still it is a good one time watchable.

Ottha Serupu | Tamil | September 2019

This movie is the unofficial Indian entry for Oscars and this is an investigation thriller which was directed stared and acted by Parthiban.

It is a single person movie, which means you only see one person throughout the movie. Ramji’s camera and RasoolPookutty’s sound design is added advantage to this movie.

Joker | English | October 2019

Joker is a Psychological thriller movie especially it is a DC comic movie which was directed by Todd Phillips and stared by Joaquin Phoenix and it deals with a person who is unsatisfied and tortured by the society and this more like a Katrathu Tamil thing. This is the year’s one of the most anticipated movie. It speaks about A man who suffers from Globalisation but it is definitely a must-watch one.

Upcoming Best Tamil Movies List

So we are at the end of the list and I will mention some movies that I am waiting for in the next two months. I don’t know weather it will satisfy me or not but I am waiting for it. These are mostly a South Indian one because I am a South Indian.

Dhruva Natchathiram | Tamil

It is an Action Spy Thriller which is directed by Gowtham Vasudevan and stared by Vikram.
These three are the movies that I am waiting for and my list ends and also I will list the special mentions or honorable mentions or movies that I want to mention in the above month but I refused because of the worth content of the above movies.

Sarvam Thala Mayan | Tamil

It is a musical drama film which was directed by Rajeev and stared by GV Prakash Kumar and Music By AR Rahman. This movie speaks about the caste problem of a boy to learn music. The climax is not satisfied to me why I left this movie in the best movie list.

Gully Boy | Hindi

This movie is also a musical drama which was directed by Zoya Akhtar and stared by Ranveer and Aalya Batt. This movie speaks about a slum boy’s struggle to become a rap singer and it is the official Indian movie to enter the Academy Awards for best foreign film category.

Special Mention Movie in 2019
Asuran | Tamil

This is a crime thriller movie which was directed by Vettrimaran and stared by Danush and ManjuWarrior. This movie speaks about cast and land issue which is adopted from a novel called Vekkai (Heat). But this movie does not have an impact that was given by the novel. This is that director’s short term making and I hope that’s why this film remains half baked.

best movies in 2019

Iglu, Sigai are movies that came from the streaming platform from zee5 and that also sounds interesting to me.
So my list ends guys but most of it is South Indian only I am sorry for that because I haven’t seen any other language movies this year. And to the surprise other than Joker no other English movies attracted and satisfied me even End Game.

But those movies I listed above are definitely a worthy movie at least one time watchable. There are also some other movies but those are not well cooked like Bakrith, Dear Comrade, Mahamuni, Uri kind of things but I choose the best movies for you guys. I hope you all like it and sorry if I left any good one and also sorry for not watching the other language movies. Usually in Malayalam and Marathi movies sounds extraordinary. If I watched, then it will be more complicated to choose the best one.

Anyhow the list ends and no one in the list is better than one another I listed it from the releasing month order so don’t mistake me. Kindly watch all the movies and experience in the cinema world. Always watch the better one and I hope you guys liked it. Bye.

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