India Google – FAQ

  • What is India Google?

India Google is a site where you can be able to acquire information and gain knowledge about all types of topics. Moreover, you can get these benefits free of cost as all you need to do is visit our site.

  • Is that official site from Google?

No, we are not an official site from Google or any other partners of Google. But we are only an individual organization which is not related to Google in any way. However, we are damn sure that the quality of our contents will give you satisfaction as it is from the real Google site.

  • It’s about only Google news in India?

No, this site is not only about Google news in India. We cover all types of the topic from the universe which needs to be explained so that you can be aware of those details and information to have a better life.

  • How do we contact you?

You can be able to contact us for any queries or any other things by the details that we have mentioned below.  |

  • Why do I want to like India google FB page?

If you like our Facebook page, then you can be able to get the instant updates when we upload or add any more new contents to the Indi Google site. Moreover, you can get this benefit for free of cost. All you have to do is like our official Facebook page. In order to like our Facebook page follow the link mentioned below.

  • Why did I want to Subscribe India Google Youtube Channel?

If you subscribe to our Youtube, then you will be able to watch all the information and knowledge in the video to help you understand them easily. Which we have mentioned in the form of text information. Follow the link mentioned below to gain access to our Youtube channel and subscribe us.

  • Do You Accept Guest Posts?

Yes, we accept the guest posts to our site. But, we only allow the no-follow links and we had some special demand for the usage of do-follow links. you can reach us

  • I want to Join India Google Team, Any Vacancy is there?

Yes, there are many vacancies available to join our India Google Team. If you really want to join us then share your special skill and thoughts with your resume to the id mentioned below. |

  • Is there any Internship Programme with India Google?

Yes, we also have an internship programme for content writing. Also, we will teach you about the SEO content writing process and even Search Engine Optimization process. Moreover, by learning about this process you can be able to earn at the same time when doing this work.

  • What is the Motto of India google?

The motto of our site India Google is “Mini Google for Indian people”. Because, we provide all the information, as it will allow you to gain skills and knowledge about the several topics. Moreover, all you need is an active internet connection to access this information with totally free of cost.

  • Shall we ask anything about a particular topic to research to you?

Yes, you can request us for the topic in which you have doubt or gain information. We will conduct detailed research on the topic and we will publish them as soon as possible in our site.

  • Do you accept Banner image advertisements?

Yes, we do accept the banner image advertisements. To know about details of the price and the placement of the banners contact us to discuss further them.

  • Are there any Earning Options from this India google?

Yes, we offer an easy earning option from our site. All you have to do is to share about us in 10 Whatsapp group and forward us the screenshots on our official Facebook page. Then get a chance to win Rs. 1000 rupees.

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