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Their vision will definitely help the growth of this republic. As like in the other part of the world, India also had woman dominance it is like cancer to the humankind. Now the time had changed but still, now there are women harassment and domination are in the country. The ratio is reduced but whether it is small or large cancer is cancer. You may ask men providing education, job, and equality to women but these are all their primary rights. Men have to give it but women needs are much more than this. The true women right come when women can freely walk in the streets at night.

Girls are the Eyes of our Country

We can eat burgers and pizzas but we are Indians we have some cultures. The first thing to forget is Culture and then the above sentence. We are putting women in boundaries in the name of culture. Who found the culture? What are the rules of it? The answer is nothing. There is no culture exist. Culture is a changeable one which is adaptable to the humankind.

best time for marriage

No men will follow the culture but why the women should be. Your culture has no sense and no structure. Everyone has to respect women and encourage women empowerment. Somewhere around Rajasthan, Child marriage still exists. If we ask them they will say it our culture and they ask us not to interrupt in it. We can’t blame them because they are all became rotten by dumping in the culture.

Women child is the key to the nation. We can inspire many successful women leaders and achievers but we are refusing to see them as human beings. Before last month Kashmir has a rule of the women from Kashmir should not marry men from other states if they did like that they will get none of his family’s properties or shares. There is a big flaw in the article 347, that’s a different story but now the women from Kashmir is free to do their wish. That’s a appreciable thing.

I respect this decision by the Prime Minister for this thing. We have to celebrate women, we have to worship them and we have to respect them.

Women’s Marriage

Women’s marriage is a serious issue in society; the first question will arise when searching for the groom to the women is what will you give? Are they refrigerators or washing machines? If someone asks you please say “if you want anything I will give you a good slap from my slipper” those guys need a discount. Idiots. See women as a woman, many families destroyed by giving dowries.

The second thing is the total marriage cost should be taken care of by the women family side. I don’t have words to scold them for this. If you don’t have money to marriage then please don’t do marriage. At least that women’s life will be good.

Marriage is a willing of two hearts, in many parts of south Tamilnadu parents don’t accept the love marriage. And there are some morons who are all used to do honor killings. First of all, respect your girl’s decision and speak to her about her choice.

Gold is another serious issue. But the government has horrible ideas by increasing the price of gold. I know it depends on the market but the government should reduce the tax on it. A normal person spending 1in 3 part of his earning in the name of tax. But now we have Goods and Service Tax which is promoted as one tax for the whole country. Then it became as central Goods and Service Tax and State Goods And Service Tax. That is even more horrible than before.

What to do a common citizen have to accept it so now I am trying to become a stupid common citizen. It is not easy to do marriage for a girl without at least 5 lacks. Half million is a huge amount right. Per day salary of a common man in India is 300 per day. This value might go down but I am saying an average salary. With this we cant even satisfy our monthly needs the how can we do marriage.

Good Age for Girl’s Marriage

At last, I came to the main part. Good age for girl’s marriage can be decided only by the girl but we have the deciding age called 18 so don’t get confused about that. Yes man, it is her decision and her willing and her right to decide about her marriage. But for a social cause, a woman can marry a man after her 24 because a man needs to get settled. We don’t know what will happen after marriage so the age gap between men and women should not be more than four.

If you marry a girl more than 4 years younger than you then you to have a huge generation gap. This leads to many family problems. This also the same for women, don’t marry a boy 4 years younger than or older than you. It is serious advice. But no one cares. Parents have to get awareness first. We are marrying to live happily not to fight in the rest of our life. We actually need a life partner, not life enemy.

If you cant follow this then simple please don’t do marriage. Go for living-relationships but if you are men or women that doesn’t matter you need a partner for your life because our heart needs a partner after 40. So we cant marry at that age because no girl will see you at that time and this is same for girls too.
So this is my opinion gentlemen and ladies about the girl’s marriage and please don’t think on why I said gentlemen first. Because of women rights and women’s empowerment is a different thing. Respect women and treat them as a human being. Then you will see the world as a world. Hope this article will help you bye.

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