Home Remedies for Headache : How to Get Rid of a Headache Without Medicine

A headache is known to be the most common health issues, which is capable of affecting all aged group of people. You cannot escape from this problem as a headache often affects us. The happy news is there are many plain things that have the ability to reduce your pain without having a consultation with a doctor.


This current section of home remedies may show you a natural way to get out of the headache.

1. Use Essential Oils

This is highly recommended for people who suffer from a headache. As these oils contain aromatic compounds which help you to get relax from a headache. Especially, applying of Peppermint and lavender essential oil to scalps may reduce symptoms of tension headache.

2. Limit Consuming Alcohol

If you have a habit of consuming alcohol, limit it. Because it may become a reason for the headache. A study witnessed that people who consume more alcohol has faced much headache than people who don’t have. As it contains vasodilators, which broaden blood vessels and allows blood to flow easily. Believe me, Vasodilation may cause to increase the headache in most of the people.

3. Have a Good Sleep

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This may not be home remedy still, A good sleep can cure a lot of diseases of a human. People who don’t have a proper sleep may get health disturbance in many ways, one of them is a headache. If you want to get out of these health issues like tension headache & depressions have a night of adequate sleep.

4. Take Some Ginger

This is going to be one the best and working home remedy to get relax from tension and normal headache. Take a good amount of ginger in addition to regular, It helps to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels in the head. Mix a piece of ginger juice and lemon juice in tea drink up.

5. Drink Water

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Adequate hydration required to get rid of the headache. Drinking adequate water shown to relieve headache symptoms in most of the people. The dehydration may lead you to get irritation, impair concentration and even worse in some times. So, to avoid this kind of issues, drink a good amount of water in a day.

6. Peppermint

Peppermint allows our body to ease our pain in the nerves and also helps the blood circulations. Take a drink of peppermint tea whenever you are affected by the headache to get instant relief. Even peppermint tea bag has some good effects after it is used, so place it in your head to get extra relaxedness.

7. Willow Bark

Do you know that Willow bark is a common alternative of aspirin because aspirin is made from the compounds of the Willow bark? It is known for having the pain relief material named salicin also it is the most commonly used home remedy for headache. If you want to experience instant relief use the willow bark tea made from its root.

8. Don’t Skip Eating

Headaches are frequently caused due to skipping your food. No matter how busy you are, try to eat something in the correct time which can be sufficient to escape from the headache. So keep your body fuelled by any types of food types unless you will be bound to suffer from physical pain and even time loss from doing your work.

9. Acupuncture

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Acupuncture helps us to gradually increase blood circulation, and some studies also confirm that it helps to stop the headaches. If you are often affected by the headaches then try to get acupuncture treatment regularly you will notice the difference in few days.

10. Massage

Massage helps us to increase the blood flow in our body and gives our body a good relaxation which is the main ingredient to prevent the headache. Have massages regularly if you are affected by a headache very often. Try getting massages in specific places such as neck and forehead even shoulder will make a huge difference.

11. Hot Shower

Like the massages you always like to have a hot shower whenever you are affected by headaches naturally. Because it helps us to feel relaxed and better to get relief from your headache. Also, use the cold pack below your neck when you are taking a bath by showering to experience instant relief effectively.

12. Acupressure

Everyone thinks that the acupressure and acupuncture are the same, but no it’s not. Having acupressure involves the needles but in acupressure, you need to pinch the specific place in between your index finger and thumb, you need to increase the pressure till your headache is stopped. You can even use this method in the combination of the above-mentioned methods to have a great effect.

13. Magnesium

The inadequacy of magnesium is one of the major reasons for the causes of the headache. Magnesium contents such as magnesium oil can even have the ability to cure the headache. Deficiency in magnesium not only causes the headache but also it causes several other diseases.

14. Go Out

Don’t get camped inside a place for a long time it also causes the headache, because the air inside the homes or any other walled place is not fresh. Getting fresh air is very important for our body health. Have a timeout and experience the fresh air outside for a few minutes will be very relaxing. So enjoy outside to get relief from your headaches.

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15. Cherries

Cherries are known for having the powerful compound having the quercetin, which contains properties such as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Many studies also suggest that people get relief from the headache when they are drinking cherry juice or eating cherries.

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Trying any one of the above-mentioned methods is enough to get rid of your headache and get relief from your pain and have a relaxed form to your body. If you have any queries related to this topic comment them in the below section and share this article to your friends and family to overcome their headache.

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