Low bp Remedies : How To Control Low BP (Blood Pressure)

Low blood pressure is also called hypertension. It will come for different things for different people. A normal blood pressure reading is around 120/80 mm Hg but numbers outside the range are healthy. A healthy blood pressure reading for the body is based on medical history and overall condition. The symptoms for low blood pressure will be like causing blurry vision, confusion, and lack of concentration, dizziness, and fainting, vomiting, weakness. We have to go to the doctor if rapid pulse, shallow breathing, and cold or clammy skin. If you have got the symptoms then the treatment will depend on the underlying cause. For example, when low blood pressure is caused by medications, then the treatment will be changed or stopped or even lowering the dosage will be helpful.

how to control low bp

Things To Do and Not To Do

On this time eating certain types of food can help you to raise the blood pressure. We have to monitor regularly. On that time it has to consume, more fluids. Dehydration decreases the blood volume, causing blood pressure to drop. Foods are high in vitamin B-12. Like eggs, cereals, and beef. Salty foods can increase blood pressure. Try eating canned soup, smoked fish, cheese and olives. Coffee and Tea may spike blood pressure and boosting your heart rate. Tips for avoiding low blood pressure are we should eat in moderation. Eat small meals more frequently. Try to eat fewer amounts of high carb foods, importantly processed carbs foods. Drink more water and limit the consumption of alcohol.

Try to exercise in indoors during the summertime or even in extreme heat as it will make your body easily tired. Avoiding spending long amounts of time in hot tubs, and steam rooms. Change body position such as standing up slowly. Avoid prolonged bed rest, Wear stockings which help blood move throughout your body. This low pressure causes serious consequences like shock, stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. Eat more salt, Avoid alcoholic beverages, discuss medications with a doctor, Cross legs while sitting, and Drink water. Drinking water can help increase blood volume, which can alleviate one of the potential causes of low blood pressure. It can also help avoid dehydration. Avoid sudden position changes. Be aware of the symptoms.

Easiest ways to Control BP

People who don’t respond well to natural solutions might want to question their doctor about the medications which will help raise blood pressure level in your body. Also, don’t try to carry heavy weighted objects, do not stand in the same place for a long time. Raising the top of their bed, try not to use hot water in your body for a long time, have an extra amount of water when exercising are the actions that need to be done.

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Always try to be physically active. Daily involve yourself in the physical activity for at least 30 minutes. Engage yourself daily in sporting activity tasks like walking to achieve your daily physical activity goals. Set up a healthy eating plan with foods low in saturated fat, total fat and cholesterol, and high in fruits, vegetables and dairy foods such as the dash eating plan. If you are trying to lose weight, choose an eating plan that is lower calories. In addition to raising blood pressure, too much alcohol can add unneeded calories to a diet. If you drink alcoholic beverages. If you are in need of drugs to help the lower your blood pressure, then you must follow the lifestyle changes which are mentioned above. Use notes and other reminders which helps you remember to have your drugs on time. Ask your family to help with reminder phone calls and messages.


A new study finds that eating a small square of chocolate daily can help lower blood pressure for people with hypertension. The chocolate causes the dilation on the blood vessels. The list of small compared to the home remedies for high blood pressure available.


As by the above-said treatment and suggestions. Experts usually suggest you limit the salt usage in your diet as sodium also can be able to raise blood pressure. Fluids increase blood volume and help prevent dehydration. The elastic stockings commonly used to relieve the pain and swelling of varicose veins can be pooling of blood in your legs. There are many medications available which can be used to treat low blood pressure which occurs when are you standing up.

Conventional Treatment

If we are healthy, lifelong low blood pressure that doesn’t cause symptoms requires no treatment. But, if you start to develop low blood pressure suddenly then your doctor has to find and treat any fundamental conditions that might be responsible. Hypotension will be dangerous, importantly if a person falls due to lightheadedness or fainting, shock, a severe form of hypertension might follow trauma or even blood loss, is life dangerous conditions which are very risky if it is not treated immediately.

If you have more intense symptoms of low blood pressure, then you have to lie down and raise your feet above the level of your heart. A symptom that won’t get away easily when doing this action suggests that a medical emergency is required immediately.


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The goal of testing for low blood pressure is to search for the fundamental cause. The doctor may recommend Blood tests: These can provide information about your overall health as well as whether you have low blood sugar, or high. ECG is an Electrocardiogram during this painless test soft and sticky patches are attached to the skin of the chest, arms, and legs. Stress Test: Some heart problems that can cause low blood pressure is easier to diagnosis when your heart is working harder than when it is at rest. During a stress test, you will walk on the Treadmill or have some other form of exercise. When your heart is working harder then, your heart will be monitored with electrocardiography. Blood pressure also will be monitored.

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Tilt table test. If you have low blood pressure on standing, or from faulty brain signals a tilt table test can evaluate how your body reacts to changes in position.

More medications from not only from allopathy but they are also from country medicines, Homeopathy, acupressure, acutouch, acupuncture, Siddha, Ayurveda, etc.. We can ask for more remedies for that.
For any type of medications, we have to follow regularly and have medicines without fail. This will make us control the low blood pressure and make the family healthy and happy.

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