Home Remedies for Running Nose : How to Stop a Runny Nose Instantly

Running nose is known to be one of the most irritating symptoms of the cold. Once it starts then, it will flow like the waterfalls continuously. It is caused due to the increased mucus in the nasal and sinus passage. If it is not given medical care then it could lead you to headaches, earaches, coughs and many other problems. In this article, we listed the home remedies to treat the runny nose and get relief from it.


Find out top 10 home remedies for Running nose right here.

1. Have a Good Amount of Hot Water

Taking a good amount of fluid will allow draining faster from your nose and Sinuses. If we get back to history, studies get witnessed that, Drinking hot water can be the best remedy to get escape from cold. As per one study conducted in 2000, tell that drinking hot beverages helped to reduce cold symptoms. The hot water nourishes the nerve which is linked to the oral and nasal cavities by this, you will sense a better way to lose the running nose.

2. Have a Steam

Taking steam can be one of the best and effective home remedies to get rid of running nose instantly. It helps to clear the blocked mucus which causes to running nose or sneezing. If you want to take a hot steam inhalation, all you need is hot water in a bowl with a big towel. Hold your face over the hot water bowl by covering with the towel at least for 10 minutes. Repeat this process for at least 3 to 4 times.

3. Have Ginger Tea

Not only Ginger Tea is used as a flavor to increase tastiness but also it is used to help you to treat a cold. Having a cup of tea will help your body to get the heat and steam which helps you in the process of opening your blockages in the nose. Also, try to inhale the steam of the tea before drinking it to have the extra effect.

4. Have a Hot Shower

If you are in need of an immediate relaxedness, having a hot shower is the best option. Like the above-mentioned methods, this will also help you to overcome your running nose. Have your head and nose in the hot water shower directly will have the most effective result in the end to treat the Runny nose.

5. Neti Pot


Some of you might not have heard of the neti pot method. But using a neti pot for a runny nose is a common treatment for sinus issues. It looks like the small teapot container. You have to add warm salt water into the pot and pour them into your one nostril and release them from the other, which will allow you to clean out your sinuses present in your nose clearly. You need to be careful when using them because using it wrongly will result in infection or make them even worse.

6. Have Spicy Food

Having spicy food types will help you in clearing your runny nose, but you need to be careful and take a limited quantity of them or else it will make your running nose even worse. If you are a spicy food lover then try those foods like pepper, wasabi, ginger, horseradish are a good choice of spicy foods or not a lover of spicy foods then them slowly if it turns out in your beneficial. Eating those food types will clear the sinus problem in the body by the heat in those foods.

7. Capsaicin

Capsaicin is a chemical substance which is used to create the pepper chili spice. Also, it is known for use in the treatment of nerve pain. You can even use them by rubbing it to your nose to clear the blockages present in your nose. This method is one of the most effective ones to treat the running nose.

8. Mustard Oil

If you are in the search for a quick relief then you need to consider having the mustard oil. It is known to be containing properties such as anti-viral, anti-biotic and anti-histamine. You need to heat the mustard oil and let the heat go away and take one drop in each nostril. Use this technique three times a day until you are cured, don’t worry it will be cured within a short time.

9. Turmeric

This is also used as the most effective method to treat your running nose. It has strong components such as anti-oxidant, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial these properties will help you most effectively in the treatment of running nose. You need to use the turmeric by mixing them with linseed oil. Then heat this mixture till it creates smoke and inhales them in one by one nostril for two times a day to treat the running nose.

10. Eucalyptus Oil


Eucalyptus oil is used to get relief from the nasal congestion and gives you an immediate cure from the running nose. Heat some amount of water for a long time and add some drops of this oil and for extra effects add peppermint and lavender oil. After it was mixed in the water thoroughly inhale the smoke of this solution for two times a day to get relief from this.

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There are many types of home remedies out there to treat your running nose, but the above-mentioned methods are the best out of them. Use the above method carefully to get instant relief from the running nose. Share this article with your friends and family to overcome this and if you have any doubt you are welcome to discuss them in our chat section below.

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