Best Games for Girls : List of Best Games for Girls 2019

Do you know that researches suggest that in the US around 58% of the gamers are women? This is mainly because of the reason since men are mostly going to work the women gets bored in the home very often. Moreover, there are totally separate game genres which were created for girls only. Also nowadays there are many games being released for the girls alone due to the increase of girl gamers. So in this article, we are going to discuss the games for women to both PC and mobile games.

best games for girls

Top 5 PC Games for Girls

Here is the list of top 5 computer games for the girls.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider

Each and every gamer is aware of this amazing game, there is even a movie which was based on this game. Though this game is based on the female character this game is very famous among the male gamers too. This game is first made available for Xbox, but later because of this game’s tremendous popularity, it has been released to PC in the year of 2016. Tomb Raider game is the most adventurous also at the same time full and fully action based game. In this game, the character needs to collect items available in the surrounding areas to defend and destroy the enemies.

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Life is Strange


This game also has the main character based on a woman. Life is Strange is an adventurous drama game which will follow a girl named Max as the storyline. When you are playing this game you will get a feeling that you have become that character, because this game was created to make you feel it as real. We all are familiar with the butterfly effect, this game is purely based on this only as the character has the ability to rewind the time to make a different choice.

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Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Unlike other games this one is not complicated with puzzles and actions storylines, all you have to do is manage a restaurant by satisfying your customers. In the beginning, you will be started with a simple restaurant with only few money and menus, as the game progress like the every start-up company you need to upgrade the restaurant in step by step to make it as a reputed five-star hotel in both its looks and quality.

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The SIMS 4

sims4 games

This game is more like a virtual world, where you can be able to many each and every personality in a town. This game is started with an empty town and people in it, which will be given under your care. So in the game, you can do whatever you desire to do with those people and town. The most interesting option is you can be able to customize each and every people and their lives in the game. Moreover, you can be able to develop the town to its most upgraded version.

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Minecraft Story Mode

Everyone is popular with the Minecraft game to make this game more interesting for female gamers, they have introduced a new version named story mode. Even this game was developed by the most famous game creating company named telltale game series. This game is fully based on creative and survival which was combined with story mode to make it even more interesting. Depends on what you choose the game will be progressed to the next level which will make the character either better or worse so choose wisely.

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Top 5 Mobile Games for Girls

Here is the list of top 5 mobile related games for the girls

Candy Crush Saga


One of the best and unforgettable games is the candy crush, once you begin to play this game you cannot stop playing it as you will get addicted to this game. This game was developed by one of the famous studio named King’s Studio. Moreover, this game was downloaded for 500 million times from the play store, which alone shows the popularity of this game. All you have to do is match the same types of candies to progress to the next level.

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Farmville 2

This game is based on the casual gaming genre which was developed by the best game making company named Zynga. Also, it is the world’s best farming as it has more new features added when compared to its previous version Farmville 1. This game is all about harvesting crops, vegetables and other certain types of food-related items to progress through the game.

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Pet Rescue Saga


Everyone likes to have pets right, but it is very hard to maintain the cost and work you have to do when you are having a pet. This game has been downloaded for more than 50 million times from the play store. Pet rescue saga game is also created by the King’s Studio who created the candy crush game. This game is similar to the candy crush game the only difference is you have to rescue the pet by matching the blocks with the same color.

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This game is based on creating words as soon as possible. Also, this gameplay allows you to compete with the players around the world and points are calculated based on the words you are creating. This is a classical genre game by which you can improve your spelling and vocabulary skills. This game is created and developed by the Microsoft Corporation which is a leading corporation in the world.

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Fruit Ninja


In the beginning, this game was introduced with an only basic set of gameplay, but later as the game gains heavy popularity the developers introduced the improved version of the game which has several new features added to it. This game is about slicing the fruits quickly as soon as it appears on the screen. Progressing to further new levels allows you to gain powerful blades, which has several special abilities.

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These are the list of most played computer and mobile games for the girls. Share this article with the girls you know, so that they can pass their time and learn something new at the same time.

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