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Everyone likes gaming, either it may be an Olympics or a PUBG I meant there will always be huge fan followings on games. But my perspective of gaming is quite different from others. Well, I don’t know about other people perspectives but I concentrate on my ideologies. I like the game which gives more thrill, did not mean video games. Let me show you an example, once I went to the restaurant and I ordered a plate of podi dosa while waiting for my dosa I noticed my next table.

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It was a 12 seated table and they were planning to play a game. I don’t know the name of that game, but I tell you the rules, the entire twelve have to keep their phone on the table. The main rule is the person who got the call from his wife is the looser and the lost one have to pay the entire bill of their orders. Sounds funny but it gave me a thrill and I was curious, even the entire restaurant was curiously watching them in order to see who is going to pay their bills.

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Every one among those twelve eating their food seriously and looking at their respective phone but there was a black shirt person in that group was casually eating his food with a smile. So a gentleman from the opposite table asked him. You seem to be happy, are you that much rich or don’t, you have a wife? But he said laughingly that he had a fight with his wife on that morning and his wife told him that she is not going to speak with him anymore. But what happened after that made my perspective change on gaming. Yes, the black shirt person first got the call from his wife and he got surprised.

I don’t know what that black shirt guy learned from that silly game but what I learned is, that game is something more than a thrill or adventure seeking game, it showed how her wife loves him and it felt good for me after that I searched for these kinds of love discovering games and I hope that will helps to expose your love on your better half in this valentine’s day. Here is my list of games for couples.

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Truth Or Dare

I watched this game when a couple playing in a pub in Bangalore. It is not an ordinary truth or dare game the rules are same like truth or dare but the dare is to drink a glass of beer in a sip. Initially, it looks weird to me but both of them drank more than 6 rounds and they started to tell the truth. After the 8th round, they started to reveal the truth even more truthfully. This game helped them to overcome their miss understandings on each other. But be careful while playing this game, because while in taking more alcohol to expose our hidden truths and this game only suit to the broad-minded couples so beware of it.


Everyone knows this is a dual player game but let me share one incident. My cousin is a Biotech engineer who is working in London, he used to play squash with his colleague on weekends. While playing they used to speak about their working stuff. As usual, on one Christmas leave, they started playing but they have nothing to speak about work because there was no work on the Christmas holidays.

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So they started to speak on their personal stuff soon that conversation implanted love on each other’s heart. I know it sounds silly, but the truth, speaking develops a strong relationship. Now they got married and settled in London. Moral of this story is don’t be dumb while playing especially never be dumb while playing with a girl. So I recommend you guys to play squash.

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Sentence building

One day I got bored and had nothing to do so I started to surf on the internet, soon that too made me bored so I logged on into the facebook. At that moment my love interest was online so I asked her to play with me. She too accepted but the rule is I have to say a word and she has to build that word into a sentence. For example, if I say ‘open’ means, she has to start the sentence from ‘open’ and have to complete it like (Open the book). First I played normally, after 16th sentence my mind started giving some silly ideas. Soon her turn came, and she gave a starting word ‘I’. Yes, mind sucks but I proposed her but her reply banged me.

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My karma played at that moment and soon I got blocked. I know this is a boring game, but it exposes something more when you play with your soul mate. Try it while traveling, it might be better than the boring conversation and don’t spoil the game like me.


Well, I am not a fan of this game but my friend plays this game with his girlfriend. Rules are simple both the player have to write the numbers from one to twenty-five in a 5×5 matrix format. Both of them have to tell the number one after another by striking the numbers. When a player fully strikes a row or a column he can cross one letter from the word bingo. The winner is who cross all the letters in that word. Such an awkward game but it may work for you so that’s why I am suggesting this one.


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It is also a simple game, but it makes a lot a sense. One player has to make blanks for a word and another player have to found what that is. Usually, many people prefer movie names, but you can use a common verb also. Yes, stupid 90’s kids game but if you make a blank for love movie or a naughty word it will develop the romance with your husband/wife.

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Ok, these are my list and I hope you readers try these games. But one thing for sure whatever you play the better love or understanding will develop when you speak with your men or women. Just explore what you feel on your better half so play the games that I suggested on this valentine’s day and impress your soul mate.

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