Worst Terrorist Attacks : Worst Terrorist Attacks At India In Last 5 Years

The rage of terrorism has affected countries all over the continent and India is among the hardest hit. As the nation seeks to celebrate the 72nd Independence Day, we will discuss India’s worst terrorist attacks in the Last five years.
In this article, we have summed up the worst terrorist attack in India. Let’s check it out.

worst Terrorist attacks

Pulwama Attack, 2019

During the month of February 14th, 2019, a group of 78 vehicles used to carry CRPF personnel around 2500 traveled in the National Highway 44 left from Jammu on 03.30 Indian Standard Time and it was planned to reach its destination prior to sunset. In Lethpora near a town named Awantipora during the 15.15 Indian Standard Time one of the buses which were carrying the security personnel was hit by a car which was carrying the explosives around 80 KG of ammonium nitrate and RDX which was later found that it was stolen from one of the construction sites near that area as it is impossible to smuggle such a large amount of explosives from the border.

During the blast around 40 CRPF personnel belongs to the 76th battalion were killed and also many others were injured on the blast. After the blast, a Pakistani militant group named Jaish-e-Mohammed took responsibility for the bombing and also released the video of the person who is responsible for the bombing.

Sukma Attack, 2018

During the year of 2018, In March month 13th continue to demonstrate fatal for the security forces struggling with Naxals in Chhattisgarh. In this attack, at least nine Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were murdered and 6 others were injured. The attack occurs just after the 11 days when the Indian security personnel was killed ten alleged Naxalites on the Chhattisgarh Bijapur district’s forest.

This blast occurs with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in the mine-protected vehicle, which was patrolled by the CRPF 212th battalion. Moreover, Special Director General of CRPF informed that before the attack there was an exchange of fire almost on an everyday basis. It is because Indian security force was involved in the attack against the Naxalites. This device is so loud that after the bombing, it rippled the vehicle apart and the dead bodies were discovered somewhere 20 to 30 feet away from the blast location. It is still not sure whether single or multiple groups of Naxals is responsible for this attack.

Terrorist attacks in india

Amarnath Yatra Attack, 2017

This attack happened in the year of 2017 in the Kashmir state. Because of this incident, seven Amarnath pilgrims, six women, and 19 people got injured. The Amarnath Yatra helps the government of India by earning revenue and also helps the local Shia Muslim by gaining revenue for assisting the Hindu pilgrims. So, the Kashmiri Sunni militant group have warned against this source of income and attacked the yatra many numbers of times due to this. Moreover, before the attack of 2017 59 people were killed and more than 109 people were injured in the previous attacks during the year of 2000-2002.

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The terrorist attacked the bus near Anantnag district, Kashmir. During the current conflict, three local co-conspirators were arrested for providing logistical support to the attackers, including Munir Khan. Later he confessed that the attack is a pure act of terrorism and also stated that they only planned to attack the police post present in the area but unluckily bus was also involved in the attack.

Bhopal–Ujjain Passenger Train Bombing, 2017

The Bhopal – Ujjain Passenger Train Bombing attack happened on a passenger train on March 7, 2017. This passenger train runs between the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and Ujjain Junction Railway Station and the Bhopal Junction Railway Station. Because of the attack, ten passengers got injured. The bomb was planted through the suitcase that was found on the couch.

Later, bombing takes place in the Jabri railway station of Shajpur district. It was one of the first attack made in India by the Islamic state. Later one of the terrorists involved in the bombing was killed in Lucknow and 6 individuals were arrested.

Nagrota Army Base Attack, 2016

Nagrota is a place in Jammu and Kashmir, a base of the Indian Army. The terrorist attacked the station on 29 November 2016. During the terrorist attack, seven Indian soldiers were killed which includes two officers and three militants. Three attackers dressed in Indian Police uniforms and succeeded to enter the 166 Field Regiment unit of Indian Army in the town of Nagrota.

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Later they took some people as the hostages but Indian army neutralized the situation by making return attack during that gun battle all the three attackers were killed and hostages were rescued.

Terrorist attacks

Baramulla Attack, 2016

Again, just before the Nagrota Attack, one more attack happened in the camp of the Indian Army. On 2nd and 3rd October 2016, the attack takes place in Indian Army’s 46 Rashtriya Rifles, Jammu, and Kashmir near the Baramulla district. One officer of the Indian Border Security Force was killed in the attack including few other officers, who injured severely. According to some sources, the attackers were named as the Ali and Haneef alias Hilal, both of them are Pakistanis belonged to a militant organization named JeM. After the 3 days of the attack, the Indian army retaliated against the militants in the Kupwara district and kills 3 militants of the JeM group.

Here, we have discussed the five most deadly terrorist attacks in the last five years. But like this, there is a list of a terrorist attack. Stay tuned with us for more such Interesting updates around you on India.

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