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The things women want are often shopping lists with prioritized criteria. Here, we have put together a list of the top 10 things women want from men. Basically, we cant determine like this a list, like these things only women expecting from men like, there are many and it will vary a girl to girl.

what women want from men

But, Still, we come up with top 10 checklists of women expectation from men character wise. We hope this list will match maximum women expectations, let see those top 10 expectation from men.

10. Want Independence

Women want to know that a man can take care of themselves. Generally, women want a man who is capable to be independent and also able to make their own decisions, pay his rent and cook for himself. Despite what you may think, no woman wants to be your mother. One of the top 10 things women want is knowing that they are able to carry their own weight in a relationship.

9. Expecting Some Good Looks

Looks is something both men and women expect from each other. Every woman wants their guy to be smart and looking handsome. Women do not demand much. Try to take good care of yourself. Wear suitable clothing and try to keep yourself in shape.

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8. Positivity

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Every woman wants their guy to think positively so that something productive is added. The presence of someone with a positive attitude towards life can actually be stimulating. An optimistic person makes others feel good; His optimism can be very inspiring.

7. Good Communication Skills

Women value people they can talk to, who can express themselves and who are at least willing to listen to them when they talk about their worries, hopes, and desires. You should also know that the ability to communicate that surpasses all others is the ability to be attentive. Showing a woman that you have the ability to look after her will radically improve your chances.

6. Sociability

A woman wants a man who can talk to her coworkers at a dinner party and also has the good sense not to swear in front of her mother. Women want a man with a high social IQ. They do not want a strong silent type.

5. Intelligence

Many women find customs as sexy as physical appearance. For some of us, it can be frustrating because let’s be honest, we would all like to be smarter and eventually, we all felt like the dumbest in the room. Avoid talking about topics that you might not know. Better to be a fool than to open your mouth and eliminate any doubt.

4. Passion

Passion is another among the top 10 things women want. The reasons should be pretty obvious. If a woman thinks about spending time with you, she would like to know that she can look forward to an adventure, excitement, dedication, and devotion. So if a guy wants to be wanted, he has to show a woman he loves passionately. Women love to see men who are passionate because there is passion in their minds in an area of life that can be translated into another sphere of life, the bedroom.

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3. Sense of Humor

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A good sense of humor is one of the qualities that women always mention when they list the things they are looking for in a man. We all know how much fun people are rather than being boring a person. A good sense of humor just means that you know how to tell and make a joke.

2. Ambition

Men think too often that all women care about money, but that’s nonsense. Sure, it may be true for some women, just as it applies to some men, but women are not typically attracted to wealthy people. The main reason why women move towards successful men careers is not that men have deep pockets but because their success at work indicates certain attractive personality traits: dedication, discipline, strong work ethic – all these things are likely to become a guy make a good partner.

1. Confidence

You may be smart, sociable with a good sense of humor, but you could use help in the ambition department. Maybe you’re a good-looking guy with expert communication skills, but you still have to find the one thing you’re really passionate about. Here’s the good news: Trust is the one thing that women consistently say they want in a man. Trust is king. That means, even if you cannot classify yourself as “the total package,” as long as you feel comfortable with what you have to offer, and as long as you are satisfied with yourself, you have a chance.

Hope all guys have sensed what actually women want from men. Try working towards all these personalities and you will definitely find a good partner. Like and share this information with your friends. Feel free to comment and do not forget to follow us for more updates.

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