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Ladies and gentlemen, what comes to your mind while hearing the word called NEET? Of course, the clean factor is called another neat apart from that what will come to your mind? For me, my NEET score will come to my mind and please don’t expect that and I am not going to say my score. And a few other things also coming to my mind while speaking about NEET, abusing students before going to the exam hall in the name of checking and suicide of some kids after failing in NEET. Opinion on NEET is different in north and south India. For the North, it is just an exam but for the south, it is serious politics. In north India person who is eligible for NEET exam is the students who are all studying in central board syllabus but for the south-central board, the syllabus is only for rich kids.


Politics Behind NEET in South India.

Four years before there is no NEET exam in south side especially in Tamil Nadu because our government gave quota for medical studies. They thought syllabus of NEET is hard for state board students so the gave seats based on the cut off basis. What a madness right? The government didn’t change the board or syllabus. They admitted that their standard but they refused to change it. The simple solution is changing the syllabus. I don’t know exactly why they are not changing the board of education but what I understand is there is a serious cast politics behind it.

What is NEET

National Entrance Eligibility Test is the proper abbreviation of NEET. Four years before it was called AIPMT which was called as All India Pre Medical Test. Everything is the same syllabus, exam fee and mode of appearing but the name alone different. And it is conducted by NTA which is called as National Testing Agency. This agency provides the results to the ministry of health and family welfare and the authority is directorate general of health and family welfare. The test is being administrated by Central Board Of Secondary Education which is popularly called as CBSE. CBSE is partnered with the private American agency called Prometric Testing Pvt, Ltd.

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This exam is for UG and PG medical and dental studies. MBBS, MS, MD in the field of medical and BDS and MDS in the field of dental studies. This exam is to study those courses in government as well as private medical and dental colleges. This exam is conducted in respective exam centers which will be allotted in main cities and town all over India. The exam centers are usually schools and colleges some times IT companies also allotted as exam centers. This exam has two modes pen & paper and computerized exam modes. Before going to the exam hall you have to check your self first because there will be extremely serious checking is ahead on the entrance of the exam hall. They are saying that this exam is going to decide who are all the future doctors of India. If this checking happened before, the parliament attack won’t happen. Silly fellows right?

NEET in India

This exam is happening for 66000 MBBS and BDS sets all around India which written by more than 450000 students. See the ratio here, MBBS and BDS suck. 80 percent of the candidates write this exam in the English language and the rest of the 20 percent write it in their mother languages. Like Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, and Hindi.
To get the seat in AIIMS and JIPMAR there are some separate exams organized by the respective organizations. And they have some separate laws.

Exam Pattern

NEET can be written for both UG and PG. For NEET UG the questions will be asked from the subjects like

  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

The duration of the exam is 3 hours and the total questions are 45. If you answer one question correctly then you get 3 marks if you answer anything wrong one mark will be deducted from the marks that you scored by answering correctly. Marks will not be deduced for unanswered things. The questions will be asked based on twelfth grade CBSE syllabus.


NEET PG is a separate thing, it has three parts Part A, Part B, and Part C. The questions are 50, 100 and 150 respectively to the parts. You can get 4 marks for the correct answer and 1 mark will be deducted from the marks that you got if you answer anything wrong. As usual, no marks will be deduced for unanswered questions. The exam timing is 3 hour and 30 minutes.

The syllabus was framed by the Indian Medical Council for NEET UG. NEET PG syllabus is what you study on your under graduation. This syllabus was framed by MCI regulation considered by Graduate Medical Education. NEET PG is also called as CET and Common Entrance Test is its abbreviation.

The Positive Side of NEET

NEET exam filtering the candidates based on marks hence we can get quality Doctors. If you ask to do good marks will give good doctors? The answer is no. Mark and grade system is the worst thing to select the skilled one but what to do we have to satisfy by accepting this.

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NEET prevents corruption, in Tamil Nadu before NEET a medical seat costs 75 lakh rupees. But after NEET no quota so no corruption.

The Negative Side of NEET

Hall invigilators are abusing students in the name of checking. The common entrance exam for all students in India is a good thing but first, the government has to frame the common syllabus for all the schools in India. Because most of the students are studying in state board. So that’s why I am saying NEET is the symbol of inequality. Not only NEET, other exams like AIEEE, JEE, GATE, CAT everything is such inequality. We can appear to entrance exam by the knowledge obtained by our studies. But now we are spending separate time and extra courses to appear for a 3-hour exam. This is not a correct thing and our government has to look at it.

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