Top 10 Cars in India : List of Best Cars in India 2019

With the Indian car market is changing massively as the cars present in these days are well equipped with modern technology. In previous times when you are buying a car but you are on a budget then you will be forced to compromise some of the specifications, you have in your mind. But it is not like that anymore because car manufacturers have begun to produce a car at the most price with the specification users will desire. So it is very easy nowadays to find a better car at a lower price


In this article, we have shared the top 10 cars present in India. So let’s have a look at them.

  • MAHINDRA XUV 300 – 7.9 lakhs ₹
  • MARUTI SUZUKI BALENO – 8.77 lakhs ₹
  • RENAULT KWID – 4.63 lakhs ₹
  • MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT – 7.85 lakhs ₹
  • AUDI CAR – 41.47 lakhs ₹
  • Maruti Suzuki Dzire – 9.54 lakhs ₹
  • MARUTI SUZUKI WAGON R – 5.69 lakhs ₹
  • FORD FIGO – 7.74 lakhs ₹
  • VOLKSWAGEN POLO – 9.71 lakhs ₹
  • MARUTI ALTO 800 – 3.83 lakhs ₹


This is the hottest segment which is manufactured in India. It is very spacious and will enjoy driving. There are lots of makes in Mahindra Company. It can be fairly loaded in the base variant. The prices starting approximately Rs.7.90 lakhs to 11.50 lakhs. It is available in ex-showroom in India. It will be attractive. Petrol or diesel doesn’t matter. The power of the job is 110bhp @5000rpm. It has 6 gears and 4 cylinders. The petrol tank measures up to 42 liters



This is manufactured and headquartered in New Delhi. The company manufactured so many vehicles. One of the models is Maruti Suzuki Baleno. It is comfortable driving and sittings. The design of this car is very attractive. The curved shape of the car is the extra look and had a well-designed structure. It is giving the mileage of 21 to 27 km per liter. The price of these vehicles will be approximately 5.54 lakhs onwards. It has manual and automatic transmission. Maruti will be available in various color Arctic white, silver metallic, Next to Blue, Autumn Orange, Phoenix Red, and Grey Metallic. This car has so many variants in Maruti Baleno with different prices.

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The company Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer established in 1899. This company produces more vehicles like cars, vans, trucks, tractors, tanks, buses, etc. The Renault is the ninth biggest automaker in the world. It is headquartered in Paris. Driving in peak hours and traffic is comfortable and more prevalent in budget options. The price range of this car is starting from 3.35 lakhs. The mileage of this vehicle will be approximately 23 to 25 km per liter. It has manual and AMT transmission. This Kwid has a lot of variants in Renault like STD, RXE, and RXL, etc. Cars are available in Variant colors like Red, Cool White, Silver, Bronze, Grey, and Blue. It has a lot of space both inside the cabin as well as in the boot. The sitting will be very comfortable. It has a dark interior and touch screen display is the best attraction for us.


Maruti Suzuki Swift has 14 versions available in India. This Swift has 8 petrol cars and 6 diesel cars. This vehicle comes in 6 colors, like grey, Arctic White, Lucent Orange, Midnight Blue, Silver Fire Red. The Price range will be varied according to the cities. It comes around 5 lakhs to 9 lakhs. This car gives the mileage of 20 – 25 km per liter, also It has so many variants of Vehicle in Maruti Suzuki. Swift has a sporty appearance. The swift was launched in 2004. Maruti Swift has a contrast color base inside the car. The features in this car have a touch screen, reversing camera, climate control. The Front airbag is standard. The petrol tank fills about 37 liters. The seating capacity in this car is 5 peoples. The key features are an air conditioner, power steering, and power windows.



This vehicle made of German manufacturer that designs, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. It is related to the Volkswagen Group. Production facilities worldwide. Audi cars price starts at Rs. 33 lakhs and goes up to 9.15 crore for the top model. It offers 16 new car models in India. Audi is going to launch 8 new models in India. This vehicle has an automatic transmission. The mileage of this car will be 17.5 km per liter depending upon the variants.

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6. Maruti Suzuki Dzire

This vehicle has 16 versions available in India. It comes in 6 colors, red, Grey, Blue, Arctic White, Brown, and Silver. This vehicle looks very sporty. The mileage is 28 km per liter. The petrol tank contains 37 liters. The seating capacity is 5 peoples. It has special features of the car has an air conditioner, Power steering. It has a lot of variants in Maruti Dzire.


This Vehicle is most popular normally runs all over India. It has many variants. The mileage of this car will be approximately 22 km per liter. This vehicle is good for driving and for the family. It is very spacious and has enjoyed driving. It comes in different colors. The transmission is manual. The price range will come approximately from 5 lakhs. The seating capacity will be 5 and having power steering. There is a lot of features inside the car like Air conditioner, etc…



Ford Company was founded in India in 1995. It looks very style and aspires rate. It is a fantastic car and the best car to buy. The Price range starts from 5.15 lakhs. It is giving the mileage of 16 to 25 km per liter. The transmission is manual and automatic. It has several variants in this vehicle and available in all colors. 5 to 6 peoples can travel in this car and has power steering.


This is German make vehicle and had a hand with Hyundai Company. Riding in the city is excellent driving. Very comfortable to ride. It gives us mileage of 17 to 20 km per liter. The transmission is fully automatic and manual. The price starts from 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs. It has variants in this vehicle, also available in various colors. polo has a smooth driving and feels very comfortable.

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This vehicle normally runs all over India. It has a great look and feels very comfortable in driving. It also available in all colors, The range of the vehicle will be approximately starting from 2.8 lakhs. The Mileage of this vehicle is 24 to 33 km per liter. Its transmission is Manual. It will be very comfortable for driving and it looks small with the seating capacity of 5. This vehicle has many variants. The top of the car gets air-conditioning, power steering, and power windows. We have a music system with two speakers in the front.

So these are the best cars available in the Indian market which are both in low and as well as high prices. You could choose the model of the car which perfectly fits your pre-calculated specifications. Also, share this article with your friends and family who wish to buy a car.

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