Safest State in India : Top 10 Safest State for Woman in India

In India, the government has done the first calculation of the gender vulnerability index, which ranks on the basis of women’s security. Plan India creates the report on the encounters faced by Indian women regarding parameters, such as education, poverty health, and violence safety. They ranked the Indian States like safest state in India based on a scale of 0 to 1. The States which is close to index one was considered the most secure, while those who are close to zero were considered the most insecure.

To help the citizen of India, we have rounded up the Top 10 Safest State for Women in India,

Safest State in India: Safest State for Woman in India

  • Goa
  • Kerala
  • Mizoram
  • Sikkim
  • Manipur
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Punjab
  • Maharashtra
  • Tamil Nadu

#1. Goa, The First Safest State for Girls!

Safest Cities in India

Goa, stand in the queue in the first position and comes close to one index. Anyhow, the result is a little surprising, but according to the gender vulnerability index, Goa is the safest state for women in India. It has a GVI of 0.656.

Also, goa is the Best Places to visit in India like honeymoon destinations in India. it belongs to UT but still, we can be treated as India.

#2. Kerala

The second state that comes near to GVI index one in Kerala. With GVI score of 0.634, ranked second regarding women safety. From past few years, Kerala has achieved great achievements in term of health which become the reason Kerala is standing in the second position in women safety.

#3. Mizoram

People often discuss the North-Eastern States. While Assam is ranked first regarding crime against women, Mizoram has ranked the third position regarding women security. Mizoram has developed very much concerning protection and education.

#4. Sikkim

Now, again you will be amazed by seeing the fourth states in this queue. One more North Indian State – Sikkim stands fourth for women security. Sikkim has developed very much in areas, such as Industry, Economic, Education, Health, etc.

#5. Manipur | Safest State for Girls

Surprisingly, another state from North India, Manipur is also under the top 10 safest states. The government and citizens of Manipur have done a lot to improve the condition of the women in the State.

#6. Himachal Pradesh

Good state to live for girls

In Himachal Pradesh, almost every woman is working for their livelihood. Whether it is farming or agriculture, every woman is working to help their husband. The women of HP is bounded with traditions but is safe for women.

#7. Karnataka | Safest State for Women

Karnataka has set an example for the complete development of women in India. It came in the seventh position according to the Gender Vulnerability Index score.

#8. Punjab

Except for poverty, Punjab has rated well in all other dimensions. According to the report, the GVI score of Punjab is 0.592 which is higher than the national average of 0.5314.

#9. Maharashtra

Maharashtra’s primary aim is to secure women in IT sector. With GVI score of 0.592, Maharashtra stands in the 9th position when it comes to women safety.

#10. Tamil Nadu | Safest State for Females

Tamil Nadu with a GVI score of 0.582 standing in the 10th position. The state comes under the ‘satisfactory performance’ category. As per the research, this state will get more GVI point in future, because in these years they made more proven moments that is for the safest state for woman or female. will see in next year report.


These List and Ranking will be Change year to year, so no need to worry about these results, GVI Score will be count in every year so it will change accordingly. Apart from these top 10 best state list in above, if you want to know about your state status or another state status about this safest state in India?  kindly check the below image there we mentioned all 29 states GVI points. There you can check about your state’s point or status guys.

Once again, am telling these lists are listed or calculated not only based on the crime or girls rape rate, it based on the various factors as I mentione din above para like education and poverty and sexual ratio and more. so be clea on this GVI (Gender Vulnerability Index) parameter.

Safest State for female

If you have any objections or any doubt feel free to comment with us, with in a short peroid we will respond toyour queries. I know this is lia ttile bit of risk topic among in india, but we are commited to deliver a true research reports to my beloved users which is happening on India as IndiaGoogle, So we did this.


With a least GVI score of 0.436 and 0.410, Bihar and Delhi have declared as the most troubled state in India for women.

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