Richest State in India : List of Richest State in India

India is the country of the population, Peoples practicing different religions and speaking more than 22 languages. We simply denote on us, that is we are unity in diversity. India is separated into 29 states and 7 union territories. India’s growth depends upon the growth of the individual state in the republic.

Growth is commonly denoted by GDP (Gross Domestic Product). There is a big debate is occurring on this GDP system but still, now this one is accepted by the world countries. GDP is measured on yearly basis and it is the final result of goods and service produced in that particular year. But the problem in the GDP is it does not include the cost of living of the people and the individual earnings.

GDP in India:

GDP may be effective for a capitalist country like USA or UK but India is a large democratic developing nation. What to do still we have only the GDP system. India’s GDP was raised 8.1% in 2015 but after that, there was a big drop of 7.1% in 2016. Finance minister Mr. Arun Jetli said it would raise but the next year, it went to 6.9% due to the act of central government’s Demonetization. From that drop India recovering step by step, now for the year 2018 GDP raised to 7.3%. This increment and decrement will be made due to the growth and the stagnation of every individual state.

There are 10 important states which decide the progression of India’s GDP. Let us leave this topic for a while. When an individual citizen of the country or a state have their daily food without doubt or when the earnings of an individual citizen satisfy their family then only the country is said to be the richest country.
Without improving the poor’s life, no country will become rich. The minimum wage of a worker in India is 30 rupees but the politicians only concentrate on building statues. Oops, I sounded more communism. Sorry, let me get back to the GDP.

Here is the list of richest states of the Indian republic which is based on the GDP method. I am listing my order from top one to ten.

richest states


Maharashtra is the first richest state of India which has the capital of Mumbai. GDP 25.35 lakh crore. If you have a doubt that why Maharashtra is in the first place? The answer is, it is because of Mumbai. The trading city of India which has a huge market and the Indian stock market is there. Guess what? The world famous Bollywood is also there. And you know what? World’s largest slum is also there, which is called Dharavi.

Uttar Pradesh

This is the second richest state UP, which has the capital called Lucknow. GDP 14.46 lakh crores. It is the highly populated state, and it is the fourth largest state by area. This state has the third highest constituency members. And it also has one world-famous thing, which is called Taj Mahal. This city majorly concentrates on tourism. Now the Chief Minister of this state planning to build a world’s largest Ram statue but a few month’s backs 12 newborn children in the government hospital was dead due to lack of oxygen cylinders.

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Tamil Nadu

The third place goes to the classical Tamil Nadu which has the capital called Chennai. GDP 12.80 lakh crore. The growth of this state depends on Agriculture and Automobiles. It is the largest manufacturer of cotton in Tirupur. And this state has 4 lakh crores loan due and this state also has fund deficiency.


The fourth richest state having capital called Bangalore. GDP 12.80 lakh crore. This is the high-tech hub of India. Nightlife in Bangalore is loved by all peoples of India. In my personal opinion, this is one of the corrupted states in India.


The fifth place goes to the state of Gujarat which has the capital called Gandhi Nagar. GDP 12.75 lakh crore. Many of Indians respect this state because the Mahatma of India was born here. And it is the state where the present prime minister came from.

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West Bengal

This is one of the states with more refuges which has the capital called Kolkata. GDP 9.20 lakh crore. This is the state where the Naxalites came from.


The seventh Richest state is Rajasthan which has the capital called Jaipur which is also known as the pink city. GDP 7.50 lakh crore. The major revenue of this state comes through tourism. Transportation in this state is still underdeveloped, many places don’t even have a broad gauge rail system.


This one is the newly formed state which was separated from Andhra Pradesh and its capital is called Hyderabad. GDP 7.5 lakh crores. It has a high number of industries and agriculture. Capital for Google and Microsoft in India.


The 9th richest state which has the capital called Kochi. GDP 7.48 lakh crores. It is a communist government state with a 100% literacy rate. Main revenue comes through fishing and rice production. Kerala is the largest state for coconut production and jute manufacturing. It is completely a vegetative state.

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Madhya Pradesh

The last and the final state, MP which has the capital called Bhopal. GDP 7.35 lakh crores. It is the second largest state and Bhopal is the hub for many cities. Major revenue comes through tourism. And it has a famous city called Indore which is famous for tourism.

Here my list ends and this list is based on last year’s GDP of the respective state. As I said before when every individual of a state lies above the poverty line then will be the state become the richest one. GDP will suit for capitalist countries. Without the development of an individual, no country is said to be a developed country.

The development of rich people is not a development. Agriculture and self-dependent democracy will help to achieve the goal. Some countries like Sweden and Norway, the population is less so that countries will not have any problems and they even provide a certain amount of money to every citizen but that will not possible in India because of the population.

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