Reasons for Headache : Reasons for Why We Get Constant Headaches Everyday

A headache is very common to everyone. In this article, we are going to look at the various reasons which cause a headache. I think Headache is a big headache for us! to be frank for me is a one for the very hurting illness than any other illness. Basically, if we got suffered by Headache means we used to take tablets or injection only rather than taking some home readies for a headache right? that is wrong approach guys, we have to get to know the reason for Headache, based on that only we want to look for remedies.

here is the list of reasons for Headache, Just have a look at it and make you aware of this and try to solve it naturally.

Reasons for a Headache: Health Tips

  • Coffee – Suddenly Stop to Drink
  • Brain Freeze – Too Cold
  • Lack of Sleep | Reason for a headache
  • Not Drinking Enough Water
  • Sex – Often in a day
  • You are a Woman
  • Consuming Painkillers
  • Slouching
  • Taking Too Much Salt

Let, Understand the reason for this headache and react or do remedies based on the cause, please don’t simply take tabelts and don’t hurt your Health.

constant headaches everyday

10. Coffee

You might face problems if you drink three coffees a day and then suddenly stop. US research has found that sudden caffeine intake triggers changes in blood flow in the brain, causing pain. In the same case, there are some benefits also to be there for taking coffee.

9. Brain Freeze

Also known as Ice Cream Headache, this can be felt on the sides of the head. It is caused by something cold moving over the warm roof of your mouth and the back of your throat. Cold foods or drinks can temporarily alter the blood flow in the mouth, affecting the nervous system and causes a short headache.

8. Lack of Sleep | Reason for a headache

The main and most common reason for a headache was lack of sleep, Missouri State University researchers found that rats could not sleep for three consecutive nights in their sleep, causing them to release high levels of proteins that stimulate the nervous system and possibly cause migraines.

7. Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration causes the brain tissue to lose water, causing it to shrink and dislodge from the skull, causing pain. Basically, we have to drink a particular amount of water in a day as you know well, here am asking the same question to you, did you know exactly, how much water a human being wants to take per day? if you not sure about it have a look on and be aware of it guys!

6. Stress

what could be the cause of daily headaches

There is a connection between stress and how often you have a headache, researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany found that it is often the day after a stressful event that causes a migraine, because the hormone cortisol, which rises during the stress, hides the pain, so that we only notice it when we relax.

Try to study some more Health Tips with us or out of us, and be aware of some remedies for various issues on health and try to avoid stress guys!

5. Sex

About 1% of people experience headaches during or after sex, known as orgasmic cephalgia. Often described as a thunderbolt headache, they can last for minutes or hours. Since they cause the same feeling as bleeding, they need to be examined.

4. You are a Woman

According to research in the journal Neurology, about 60% of women suffer headaches around the time of their period – and 10% get migraines only at this time. It is the idea that lowering the estrogen level is to be blamed of the cause.

3. Painkillers

Painkillers are a great way to relieve headaches, but if you take more than two or three times a week, this could cause severe health issues. It is believed that medicine can lower your pain threshold over time.

2. Slouching

Leaning at the desk can lead to knots in the neck muscles releasing chemicals that make the nerves more sensitive. This causes severe pain on both sides of the head, says the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

1. Too Much Salt

According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the US, eating a diet which contains too much of salt can lead to headaches. They found that people who consumed about 4gm of salt per day (just over half the recommended amount) had 25% less tension headaches than those who had 8gm per day. Salt dilates blood vessels that can trigger pain.

Hope you got to know where to rectify your mistakes by the above information. Like and share it with your friends so that they also get awareness. Do follow us for more updates and feel free to post your comments.

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