Reasons for Divorce : Top 10 Common Reasons for Divorce in India

Divorce, a legal dissolution of a marriage. There are many causes why divorce happens which might a big issue or even a small issue which will be the reason for divorce. Not only in India but also in many countries, many people approach courts for divorce. If there is a problem, getting apart cannot be the only option, that is for sure. Here are some possible reasons for divorce in India.

Reasons for Divorce

The Reasons for divorce: Economic cause, social cause, and personal problems.


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  • Spending Habit
  • Economic Independence
  • Money Problems
  • Dowry
  • Extra-Marital Affairs
  • Changes in Lifestyle
  • Work Stress Among Married Couples
  • Ego Issue
  • Shared Responsibility
  • Social Acceptance

Economic Causes | Reasons for Divorce

Spending Habit:

Conspicuous consumptions are spending too much on gadgets, Tv and home appliances which shows off a person’s wealth. Also, some people think that they show your personality too. Moreover, some men and women will want to buy new things to enjoy luxury. If any one of the partners is conspicuous and the other one doesn’t like to spend much on unnecessary things. Then there arises a controversy which will later lead them to courts for divorce.

Economic Independence:

These days women are equally educated to men, so women earn sufficiently at the range of men also. During these days no one is dependent on anyone. I suppose, in a family, wife earns and husband is unemployed egos leads to quarrels which will become a big issue in their life.

Money Problems:

But on the other side of the coin, there are people who fall in love at the young age who are unaware of the economics of a perfect family and gets married to a guy who doesn’t earn to the expectations of the girl will be lead to a stressful unhappy life between them.

Social Causes | Reasons for Divorce


Lawyers addresses that dowry is the major cause of divorce since the early years. Even if the husband is educated and has human consciousness, his family expects a lump sum of dowry from the girl who gets to marry their son which is normal in India nowadays even there are many laws against it. So, they will just say that their son is educated enough to ask for dowry as if he is the best breed of cattle in herds. That’s not at all fair!

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Extra-Marital Affairs:

This is one of the major causes. They forget that marriage is a long-term faithful commitment to one person. A lifestyle of young people forces them to commit to an ephemeral relationship mostly. Mostly everything gets “Just like that!” People get influenced by western cultures, by unliking monogamy.

Changes in Lifestyle:

In Urban areas, people live a very different life when comparing to rural places. Urban is a fast growing place, people tend to live the fastest moving lives. Along with that, there is a number of clubs and pubs growing in cities which leads them to enter into the western culture lifestyle. There are people who get along with anyone like one night stands without having any guiltiness in mind and it is just for fun. When one of the faithful spouses comes to know about these acts then their starts the problem as they want to apply for divorce.

Personal Issues | Reasons for Divorce

Work Stress Among Married Couples:

Reasons for Divorce

Let’s imagine a couple where one is a doctor and other is a businessman. The businessman will have a different work atmosphere, attending meetings with clients, running here and there, sorting out everything on a daily basis. Whereas, a doctor’s duty is to attend patients and look after her other works in the hospital. Their life is tiring and stressful. After a long day, the couple has to work on the plan which helps them to lead a happy life mostly it will be an impossible task to do. But if one gets in the work direction and doesn’t understand, then it will end up in chaos.

Ego Issue:

When one’s earning is higher than the other one, especially when the wife earns more than the husband, ego issues will raise up for sure. The ego issue necessarily has to be sorted out during the early stages of the problem occurs if not, there will be a bigger problem like applying for the divorce.

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Shared Responsibility:

When the couple lacks responsibility for the family then it definitely has to addressed or needs to be sorted out in order to prevent further issues about that problem. They should share equal responsibility for taking care of the family. Intolerable situations are the reason which will lead to divorce.

Social Acceptance:

These days divorce is getting accepted socially. People suggest moving apart if someone is leading an unhappy life instead of sorting things out is the best thing to do in order to have a happy life, but they are wrong. Because, they were not born enemies, they were in love for a longer period and only then they have decided to get married. So, small problems should not destroy their love which will keep them apart for the rest of their life then later they will regret the decision they made. And when it comes to their children, they get affected so much. So, before approaching the courts one must think a million times and seek support through people to sort out the problems as much as possible.

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