Poor Cities in India : List of Poorest Cities in India 2019

India is a land of diversity. Be its festivals, Culture, wealth &others. On one side, there are cities in India such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi, where many people can afford to luxury lives. On the other side, the country also holds several places, where people are really poor and are hardly able to meet their daily needs. We have listed out a few among those in the below sections.

 poorest state in India 2018

We define the poorest, as people living in these cities consume less than 600 rupees per capital per month in the villages and less than 800 rupees per capital per month in the cities. These key points help us identify the 10 poorest cities in India.

Poor Cities in India: List of Poorest Cities in India 2019

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Banarhat in West Bengal
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Nockikuppa in Chennai
  • Basanti, Kolkata
  • Bangalore
  • HyderabadSaroj Nagar, Nagpur
  • Lucknow

The 10 poorest Cities in India are the following:

1. Uttar Pradesh

The poverty level in Uttar Pradesh is considered to be 29.43%. It is one of the largest State in India and also one of the poorest. A sequence of the poverty level, disorder, and death occurs in Uttar Pradesh State to some extent because; many girls get married in their teens. The rate of malnourished children is high in Uttar Pradesh.

2. Banarhat in West Bengal

It is a place which is situated in West Bengal State. The place is surrounded by tea gardens and more number of villages. The major occupation of those residents is service and some engage themselves with their own business. People of Banarhat are mainly dependent on 23 tea gardens for their daily needs.

3. Mumbai

Mumbai is named as the Dream City of India and has the biggest slum called Dharavi, Asia largest slum. The slum is occupied over 2 km along the riverside of Mahim.

Poverty in India Statistics & Causes Of Poverty In India

4. Delhi

In the center, the slum population was considered to be 20% of total Delhi population. It also has the largest amount of child labors and Delhi also has become one of the most unsafe city for women due to the increasing number of crimes.

5. Nockikuppa in Chennai

Nochikuppam City is a city of flyovers which has around 1300 huts. At this place, over 5000 people are said to be under the poverty line. Also, people here do not have enough money for their meals. Very few in this city can afford 2 times meals a day.

6. Basanti, Kolkata

This city is well known as the city of Joy, and it’s one of the topmost slum areas in Kolkata.

poorest place in India

7. Bangalore

Bangalore, well known as Garden city. The city has 2000 slums. Research says that 20% of people in Bangalore live their life in slum areas which is the saddest part of City.

List of Richest State in India

8. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is also known as Nizam City. Approximately, 6 lakh people are surviving in Hyderabad Slums. Due to Space Constraint in Hyderabad city, people of this city live in 24 unidentified and 104 identified slum areas.

9. Saroj Nagar, Nagpur

Saroj Nagar is a place situated in Nagpur State. The city is well known as Orange City. 40% of Nagpur’s population live in Slum areas. Residents here think that slums are their Home. Approximately, 1.5 lakh people in Nagpur are surviving in Slum areas. Also, Saroj Nagar is declared as the second largest slum street in Nagpur State.


Lucknow is famous a Nawabs City. The city has a huge number of poor people who reside in slum areas of Lucknow. Residents of Nagpur travel every day to nearby places in order to enhance their livelihood. Also, People here travel to different places for daily wages.

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Year to year this poorest cities in India lists will be change according to the whole year, if any natural disaster occurred some slum area then that city might affect more and there are lot of factors to be judge. we have disclosed the list of poor cities in India as per the year 2019. In future some cities which were mentioned here may change into richest cities in India or at least average economic city.

We wish in future, no more cities in less then poverty line in India, only through youngsters of India it could be Possible.

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