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Are you with pear-shaped body structure? If yes you are the luckiest one. Pear Shaped body is not a good structure but if you packed with perfect clothes for the pear-shaped body then you’ll become gorgeous. How can we know whether our structure reflects pear shape (or) not? Just simple logic if your hips and backside are wider than your shoulders then you are the luckiest one of the pear-shaped structure. Pear-shaped body is one of the common female body structure.

Pear Shaped Body Outfits

Some people who don’t know how to wear clothes for pear shaped body may suffer about their body. So, for them here we are providing keen info about which type of garments are well suited for Pear shaped body.

How to dress up a pear-shaped body:

  1. Pear-shaped body generally has small bustlines and a round-bottomed structure. So, just focus on your upper part first…this can be fulfilled by choosing printed tops, fitted tops, button-down shirts etc. Blindly focus on upper part clothes this is just because if you wear printed garments and dark colors on the upper part then people around will only focus on your upper part.
  2. Choosing embellished tops which is nothing but adorns your neck this makes you elongate the shoulder and seems like a perfect neckline. In this step also we are telling you that bit choosy on collar necks, variety neck shapes which are heaving beads, bows etc.
  3. Choosing the right neckline. There are few necklines which are well suited for pear shaped body females. Wide shaped necklines are the perfect clothes for a pear-shaped body. Necklines like broad shape, bust enhancing neck shapes, strapless dresses, broad neck designed tops will make your shoulders look wider and your bust as well. This gives a super look for the pear-shaped ladies.
  4. Choose layered tops and blouses. Wearing this type of multiply layered clothes shows your waist small and fit. And try always to select for tops which have wide sleeves. This adds a volume to your arms so, this might help for the pear-shaped body. If possible try wears some scrunched sleeves. And select shirts or tops that are just extended below your hipbone and extend your bottom garment.

Pear-shaped Body Outfits:

Now, select the bottom part clothes. For pear-shaped body feminines, structured pants and loose bottom pants are well-suited patterns. Try to wear half skirts which are fitted with a waist part. Max try to avoid pants like cargos, skin-tight jeans, funky pocket pants etc.

Pear-shaped body people always pay attention to clothes which are well suited for their body structure. Very much choosy on tight and loose clothes. A bit difficult to select the right one in these two. But one tricky way for these people is select tight tops which are tight around the waist and highlights your structure. Avoid crop tops and hemlines that are down to your thighs.

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  • Few clothes for pear shaped body clothes – Shoulder pads are great and helpful for the persons who have big hips.
  • Ruffle tops: Wides your shoulder and adds a special vibe.
  • Avoid Long cardigans, Top doesn’t go beyond your hip.

Hope this information about clothes for the pear-shaped body will useful. Try these steps and follow this way of dressing if you are the pear-shaped body girl!!! This is very helpful and shows your style and dressing sense also enhances your correct structure.

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