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Lord Shiva is one of the most powerful God of Hinduism and he is the God of destruction. Half of his body is occupied by Parasakthi who is the wife of Shiva and they have two sons. Their names are Lord Ganesh and Murugan. Lord Ganesh is the first and primary God of Hinduism and Lord Murugan is the God of war in the Hindu religion. He has another son who was born to Shiva and Mohini. Mohini is the female personification of Lord Vishnu. His name is Lord Aiyappa and he is the God discipline. Lord Aiyappa is famous in the south part of India. And last one daughter of Shiva is Ashokasundari.

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Lord Shiva’s first son is created by Parasakthi and asked him to guard the house while she bathing but Lord Shiva cut his head without knowing that he was his own son. But after knowing truth lord Shiva replaced an elephant’s head from then he became as elephant-headed God.

Lord Murugan and Lord Aiyappa are south Indian gods and their temples are usually situated in mountains and the worshippers used to fast for them In the month of December and January.

Vehicles of Lord Shiva’s Family

Hindu gods generally prefer some animals as their vehicles. Most of the Hindu gods have their one vehicles.

  • Lord Shiva – His vehicle is a bull and it is also called as Nandi.
  • Lady Parvathi – Her vehicles are Tiger, Nandi, and Lion.
  • Ganesha – His vehicle is a Rat.
  • Muruga – His vehicle is a Peacock.
  • Aiyappa – His vehicle is a Tiger.

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Avatars of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva has many avatars which are all taken for different causes.

  • He goes to the Linga form when he meditates and in most of the temples, he is in Linga form.
  • Lord Shiva goes to Nadarajar form when he dances and that the dance is called as Thandav. There are two types of thandav, one is Rudhra thandav and another one is Anandha thandav. He used to dance Rudhra Thandav when he is so angry and he dances anandha when he is happy. We can see it when in the world famous Nadarajar statue.
  • Once lady Parvathi asked Lord Shiva that how much he loves her, to express his love on Parvathi he dedicated his half of body to lady Parvathi. It is a transgender form called as Ardhanathiswarar.

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Science Behind the Nadrajar Statue

All the forms of the statue of Lord Shiva are designed by Mr. Agathiar, who is the serious follower of Lord Shiva. In all that statue, Nadarajar design has some special value. The statue of Nadarajar was designed which is almost similar to this kayos or universe. The place of the heart in that statue resembles our earth. This was not a coincidence and the scientist believes that this one is well planned and designed. So that’s why this statue is kept in CERN atomic research center in Geneva, Germany. CERN is an atomic research center which was found the origin of our universe’s big bang and the god’s particle.

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Followers of Lord Shiva.

Followers of Lord Shiva are called as Nayanmars. They are all the group of 63 saints, who are all used to do their Bakthi movement in Tamil culture. The name Nayanmar was first termed by Sundarar.

The list of all 63 Nayanmars are,

  • Sundarar
  • Thiruneelakandar
  • Iyarpagaiar
  • Ilayankudi Maranar
  • Meiporul
  • Viralmindar
  • Amaraneedi
  • Eripathar
  • Enathinathar
  • Kannappar
  • Kungilia Kaalaiar
  • Manakancharrar
  • Arivattiar
  • Anayar
  • Murthiar
  • Murugar
  • Rudra Pasupathi
  • Nandanar
  • Thiru Kuripu Thondar
  • Chandesvarar
  • Appar
  • Kulachirai
  • Perumilai Kurumbaar
  • Karaikaal Ammaiyar
  • Apputhi Adigalar
  • Thiruneelakar
  • Nami Nandi Adigal
  • Thiru Gnana Samanthar
  • Eyarkon Kilikamar
  • Thirmoolar
  • Dandi adigal
  • Murkha
  • Somasi Maarar
  • Sakkiya
  • Sirappuli
  • Siruthondar
  • Cheraman Perumal
  • Ganantha, Kootruva
  • Pugal Chola
  • Narasima Muniayar
  • Adipadathar
  • Kalikambar
  • Kaliar
  • Satti
  • Aiyadigal Kadavar kon
  • Kanam pullar
  • Kari, Ninraseer Nedumaarar
  • Mangayarkkarsiyar
  • Vayilar
  • Munaiyaduvar
  • Kazharsingar
  • Idangazhi
  • Seruthunai
  • Pugazh Thunai
  • Pusalar
  • Senganar
  • Thiru Neelakanda Yazhpanar
  • Sadiar
  • Isaignaniyaar.

These are all the names of 63 Nayanmars among these 63 only 3 of them are ladies. some kings, army generals, and poets are also in this list.

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Historical Search on Lord Shiva.

Many researchers started to search on the gods from the ancient cultures because they believe something supernatural on them. Their researches are more valuable but everything is research theories only. It doesn’t have any historical evidence.

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List of Theories on Lord Shiva.

  1. Lord Shiva is the first king of Pandian dynasty, this theory has some semi proofs. The first dynasty in Tamil culture was Pandian kingdom after that Cholas and Cheras came and Tamil People has the culture of devoting the great personalities and rulers. In Tamil to represent God, they use a word called ‘Aandavar’. The exact meaning for that word is the ruler or a dead ruler. So this theory is partly acceptable.
  2. Lord Shiva is an alien, this theory also has its own logic. That the ancestors of the human race came from a different planet. The first man on the earth was Lord Shiva. They showing their proof as he has three eyes and he is in blue color.
  3. Lord Shiva is the God of Hinduism to spread the Hindu religion in south India. Hindu saints said Murugan is the son of Lord Shiva. This theory has no proof.
  4. Everything said by them are just theories, neither Hindu saints nor History professors are going to believe this until they get a piece of evidence. To get that evidence we have to dig deep on earth. It may not be possible.
    My opinion is not to disturb the beliefs of people, whatever he may be some of them have trust in something. So it will make discomfort on Hindu saints and followers.
  5. Lord Shiva’s holy river is Ganga, in Hinduism, the river Ganga came from the head of Lord Shiva. So many devotes will go to Varanasi to clean their sins in the Ganga river.

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In Tamil culture there is no Brahmin cast before BC, the Lord Shiva’s followers are called Saivas and Vishnu followers are called Vaishnavas. Whatever it may be, I don’t know who he is but one thing is for sure. That he is great.

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