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There are various factors that cause yellow teeth, which mean teeth losing their brightness or white sparkle and also on some occasions it means that your teeth are getting damaged. Certain food stays on your enamel for a long time and it creates Yellow Teeth for sure. Further, plaque starts building on your teeth causes Yellow Teeth. Here is Great News for you, this article is going to solve your yellow Teeth issues and help you get your old shining teeth back. Here are 5 Simple tips for how to Whiten Teeth.

How to Whiten Teeth

  • Brush your Teeth after Eating and Drinking
  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda
  • Use Strawberries | How to Whiten Teeth.
  • Usage of Activated Charcoal
  • Use Orange Peels and Lemon Peels

how to whiten teeth | Health tips

1.Brush Your Teeth After Eating and Drinking

It may not be easy but doable. Nothing is difficult in this process, you should make it as a habit of regular brushing by twice. Brush your teeth after eating. This takes a lot of determination and can even be kind of inconvenient you know, It depending on where you are at the time of eating such as Office, School, and Out of Station etc. But try to follow this method then we are sure that you will get the best output.

2. Use Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

You must be thinking what is Hydrogen Peroxide? It is a kind of an antibacterial agent which works great as a mouth cleaner to remove the impurities from your mouth. It also keeps your mouth free from germs and bad smells. Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the very good rinses. Use water and half hydrogen peroxide, pour it in your mouth for a minute and then rinse for sometimes. Research says, that hydrogen peroxide keeps the breath fresh by eliminating bad germs because it acts as a natural antiseptic / antibacterial agent.

There is a specific way to use this product. First of all, mix a small amount of hydrogen peroxide along with a small amount of baking soda and make it as a paste.  After that apply this paste on your teeth, that later helps you to remove plaque content from the teeth which makes your teeth clean. It further leads to whitening your Teeth.

3. Use Strawberries | How to Whiten Teeth

Use Strawberries to whiten teeth | Tips to whiten teeth

Try healthy foods such as Strawberries & Other fruits to whiten your yellow teeth. There is a Rumour that some actors and actress whiten their teeth with the use of Strawberries. All you need to do is, simply mash up about five or six strawberries and rub this delicious paste on your teeth and rinse it after sometimes. Continue the same for a week and come up with positive responses of getting your teeth whitened.

Strawberries usually consist of various antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that can make your teeth healthier and stronger. Follow quality diet along with this tip. Only then your teeth will get stronger, free from diseases.

4. Usage of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal can help you to whiten your yellow Teeth. Because, it is a product which is absorbent that stores toxins inside the body, which can later help lighten your teeth by absorbing plaque and microscopic candy which cause stains. Moreover, to clear your teeth naturally with charcoal, moisten with the toothbrush and immerse it in powdered activated carbon.

Drink a little water, go through the mouth with them and split it. Then brush your teeth, as usual, pay some more special attention to the areas that are most stained in order to improve them. Rinse it well until you felt it is clean. For better results, brush your teeth twice or thrice a week with activated charcoal, but avoid it if you have porcelain crowns, veneers or caps.

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5. Use Orange Peels and Lemon Peels

Use Orange Peels and Lemon Peels | health tips from indiagoogle

You can use citrus fruits over your teeth can also help you to whiten your Teeth. Citrus Fruits include Lemon, Orange, and others. Peel of Lemon or Orange contains essential oils which help to whiten your teeth. We all know that these foods are very healthy in general. They help in proper digestion by regulating stomach acids. Here we use this peel to whiten our teeth and make it stronger. Firstly, Rub the peel on your teeth and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, rinse it with water. However, to be on a safer side, make sure that you always rinse your mouth with water.

Further Tips

  • Use the oil pulling method
  • Usage of apple cider vinegar
  • Use fruit peels
  • Use the Kaolin clay
  • Avoid foods that damage your teeth

Hope these simple and natural methods may help you to whiten your teeth. you can trust me we won’t suggest you guys go wrong. we always working for you guys and trying to find out or bringing the solution for all set of Questions and problems as like our Google, so only we named as, it’s kind of India’s google.


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