How To Save Money : Easiest Ways / Tips to Save Your Money

In this article I am going to guide you on how to save money, not only I am going to help you how to avoid your old habits of extra spending but also to help in the process to let you learn a new habit of saving money. Also, it is impossible to learn this within a day as it takes more practice and learning so being patient is the main key in this process.

One of my favorite quotes is “A penny saved is a penny earned” which is totally true. Don’t worry if you are not rich, some people think that rich means having more balance in the bank, a big house, a big car if you think like that then you are wrong. Because it doesn’t matter what you have the only thing that matters is whether you have more than what you had in the previous month.

how to save money tips

Follow the guides that are listed below to assist you in the process of saving money in a more easy and possible way.

1. Scholarship

Whether you are a student or parent there must be at least one person in your family who might be studying in college or school. Education is the most important aspect of the future. There are many scholarships government are offering which some of are not aware of it yet. Know the detailed info about the available scholarships government is offering to save your extra expenses on the school or college fees.

2. Travel

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Everyone needs to travel from one place to another whether it is business related or personal. There are many applications and websites like Paytm and more which offers a good deal of discounts for traveling. Research the internet to know about the best discount offers in your areas to save the extra expenditure on traveling.

3. Midday Meal Expenses

Either you might be a student or an employer you have to eat lunch in the afternoon from the place as you can’t be able to come in such a short break. So make sure that you are packing lunch for your workplace or college to save extra expenses you have to spend on the outside food courts. Moreover, a packed lunch is good for our health benefits than the fast foods available in the hotels.

4. Online Shopping

Nowadays, online shopping has become as one of the trending ones among many individuals. Even they offer more and more set of collections than the stores we tend to go usually. Moreover, you can be able to save both time and money by easily able to browse as per your needs with great discount amounts which you can’t get at stores.

5. Summer Trips

Of course each and every individual needs time off from either their work or schools every summer. So going on a tour is an unavoidable expense you need to meet. But you can be able to save money even by going on trips. You just need to search for best-packaged tour options from either broker or online to avoid the extra expenses you might be spending when you are going on an unorganized trip.

6. Vehicle Sharing


Nowadays, the cost of fuel is increasing at a tremendous rate which takes away a good amount of money from our salary. So one of the best ways to overcome or save this expense is sharing a vehicle with your friends. You at least have a colleague near or within reachable distance of your place. All you have to do is share the vehicle and expenses for fuel which saves money as well as gives you a good company as it avoids you from getting bored.

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7. Avoid Addictions

Usage of drugs and alcohol is not only an addiction also gambling, but going to movies often is also considered as the addiction. Addiction is dangerous for your money in the pocket as well as your health. Avoiding an addiction will look like an impossible work but practice and patience will take away your addiction habit from you completely.

8. Cosmetics

Usage of cosmetics is an unavoidable one these days. There are plenty of cosmetics out there with price ranging from low to high. In order to save money don’t buy the low-quality ones which will result in your skin problems as treating them will require the more expensive treatments. So buy the cosmetics carefully which matches your skin type.

9. Time Management

Everyone needs to be aware of your time management as you have to do many things in a short time. So some times when you lose too much time in a work that needs to be done in a less period you are forced to use cabs which will cost more expensive than public transportation. So in order to save you both time and money you have to very careful in your time management.

10. Learn Bargain

When you are buying any things from the market you are often get cheated by its price and pay the more money for the project than the original price. This is one of the important reasons why you have to improve your bargaining skills. As it will help you both your communication skills and also allows you to save the extra expenditure you spend unknowingly.

11. Budget your Money Usage

When you are not managing your money then you might start to spend your money on many unnecessary things. So it is the main reason why you need to manage your expenses. There are many mobile applications which allow you to note your expenses which can be tracked later. Using this will helps you to analyze your expenses which allows you to identify your unwanted expenses. So, you can be able to avoid them from the next time.

12. Special Offers


Many of the major stores often announce a good deal of offers to widen their brand name. Beware of those offers as it will be only for a limited amount of period. So check the info about the store in their official site often to grab those offers without missing them.

13. Use Loyalty Programs

Subscribe to the loyalty programs in the stores where you regularly shop. Loyalty point is calculated based on the purchase of the products you are buying in a particular shop. When the pointer reaches a certain amount you can be able to redeem them by buying the useful household item and many other items.

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14. Bulk Shopping

When you are going for shopping try to invite your friends and relatives to create a group, because buying goods in wholesale will helps you save your shopping expenses up to 20 percentage. Moreover, you can be also able to avoid the transportation charges as the wholesalers will ship the items freely to the home address.

15. Electricity

Always make sure that the electric appliances such as TV, Fan, AC and Lights are switched off when they are not in use. Even replace the old model electric bulbs with the latest power efficient ones which help you to save more power than the previous ones. Do this changes you will definitely notice a difference during the next month electric bill.

16. Pay Bills on Time

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Whether it is post-paid mobile bills or the electric bills, try to pay all types of the bills on time in order to avoid the penalty charges they charge. Sometimes it might be as low as 10 rupees but other times it will be a higher amount. So try to avoid these extra charges by paying on time, which will prevent unwanted money loss as well as gives you a good reputation among service providers.

17. House Works

Some people hire domestic workers to do some of the basic households works such as cleaning, washing dishes and clothes also many others. But hiring a domestic worker will cost you around 5,000 rupees for a month which might take a heavy toll from your salary. So instead of hiring hose workers give the works to your family members, which helps you save that extra money as you can spend that money on your family members.

18. Avoid Food Wastage


Some researchers suggest that Indians wastes the same amount of food that the UK people are consuming. Then guess yourself how much food alone the people in India are wasting. If you correctly plan the food cooking to prevent it from being wasted then you will be able to save a good amount of money which was being wasted each and every day. For this, all you need to do is make an effective plan.

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19. Keep Rodents Away

Mice and rats usually damage the furniture, electronics, and many other household items and it even spread some of the serious diseases. Nowadays there is a separate service available for controlling for rodents which are even at a most basic price. Taking no actions will force you to buy new furniture to avoid these expenses so in order to avoid those issues subscribe to rodent control in precaution.

20. Travel Passes

Not every individual is able to buy a vehicle, so some of the people have to use public transportations such as bus and local trains for their daily work or college. Though the bus fares are reasonable spending daily that amount will make you feel that they are higher. So in order to save even more, you can buy the monthly passes which will help you to save an extra 20 to 25 percent of the money and also it will save you daily ticket buying time.

Try to use the above methods in your day to day life, which will allow you to save money as well improve your other habits. Moreover, share this article to your family and friends to even let them know about these savings method.

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