How to Reduce Weight | Just 10 Days Reduce Your Weight and Fats

Hey, guys in our present society and culture overweight are the major problem that was attacking each and every one. This is just because of our unhealthy food habits, luxurious lifestyle, hectic jobs. Actually why we become fatty? only just because we are just eating junk and outside food. And looking for how to reduce weight tips on the internet like you 😉 You know in olden days people eat a lot when compared to our present generation. They also do the work as same as they ate. So, everything will be balanced over that time but in our present generations, we didn’t have any time to eat literally. So, we are preferring to eat outside junk foods right?

How to reduce Weight | How to reduce Weight in just 10 days

Controlling the fatty molecules and weight in our body is the major Solution for Reducing Weight. So, here I’m referring top tips to reduce your weight & fat in Just 10 days!

How to Reduce Weight in 10 Days

  • Day 1: Drink 1/2 litre of water on Early Morning
  • Day 2: Drinking Green Tea + Lemon Tea
  • Day 3: Do Some Basic Exercises
  • Day 4: Fruits Day
  • Day 5: Veggies Day
  • Day 6: Fruits + Veggies Day
  • Day 7: Milk Day
  • Day 8: Small Amount of Meat & Chicken
  • Day 9: Vegetables + Meet & Chicken
  • Day 10: Result Day


Don’t think, you can’t or it works or not? You can trust me. Just think that is this possible…Yes, of course, it is possible and also it’s also not a big process at least. So always try to have a positive mentality. Just follow my top tips and in 10 Days you may see the perfect result just like a miracle. then after you can Thank Me.  😉

1.Day One:

In the very first day trying to wake up early in the morning at least 6’0 clock. After pulling your mouth and drink at least 1/2 litre of water, next go for walking for a while at least 30 mins (walk or jog). Day 1 is the most important day you need to migrate your self and motivate yourself to reduce your weight. Try to avoid sugar, salt and eat less quantity of rice and try to eat fruits and vegetables more which will keep your weight lesser and body fitter. Do all other works as usual just add these points in your daily life in order to succeed in the process.

2.Day Two:

Starts with day 2 do as it is what you have done in DAY 1. With Day 1 procedure try to add few things in your day 2 like drinking Green Tea + Lemon early in the morning 30 mins before breakfast. And try to drink at least 3 litres of water per day in order to lead a health life.

3.Day Three:

How to reduce Weight | How to reduce Weight in just 10 days

Follow the same what you have done in day 1 & 2 and try to do some basic exercises like jumping jacks, twisting waist, planks, squats for another 30 mins after walking also try to eat oats as your breakfast, Avoid carbohydrates related foods as it is the main reason to increase your weight. Also motivate your body that from Day 4 onwards you are not going to eat rice, outside food. Top 3 days are for warm up yourself

4.Day Four: Fruits Day | How to Reduce Weight Tips

Wake up and go for a walk and drink water, green tea and stop eating oats or something like breakfast. From day 4 onwards you need to change your diet fully controls your body and show a fast result. Today you need to eat only fruits… the whole body will be on fruits like melon, apple, grapes, pomegranate etc. Please Avoid Bananas. Drink water more & more…

5.Day Five: Veggies Day.

After completion of day 4, you may feel a bit uneasy in your stomach that’s because of your first day that’s it. Don’t worry…In Day 5 it’s the completely vegetable day do not eat non-veg related food in any case during this day. Eat vegetables like cook Palak, Carrot, Beetroot, Muttor etc. or you can also eat all raw veggies otherwise you can also make them as salads. On this day who just needs to be balanced on Vegetables.

Note: Can take potatoes only for breakfast. Don’t use them in your lunch or dinner.

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6.Day Six: (Fruits + Veggies)

On Day 6 eat both fruits and vegetables and drink water up to 6 litres and do some exercises and go for a walk. Avoid Banana and Potatoes but you can add other fruit related food items.

7.Day Seven: Milk Day | Important day of Reduce your Weight

In Day 7 you can eat Bananas and drink skimmed milk only. Drink up to 3 glasses of milk and eat 6 large bananas. Also, drink water.

8.Day Eight:

After completion of day 7, you may feel a bit lighter both in your weight and also your body you can be able to notice a huge difference. Move on and this day can enjoy your diet with a small amount of meat, chicken or fish. Vegetarians can take brown rice or cottage cheese and up to 6 whole tomatoes.

Note: Meat, Chicken or Fish should intake up to 250 grams only. Also, drink lots and lots of water.

9.Day Nine:

Today you need to mix up vegetables and meat. Means take veggies as well as 284 grams of meat, chicken or fish. Vegetarians can take brown rice instead of taking meat.

Note: Avoid potatoes and increase water content.

10.Day Ten | Result Day of How to Reduce Weight Question

How to reduce Weight | How to reduce Weight in just 10 days | Health Tips

Finally, follow the above 9 days diet like drinking water after wake up. Green Tea before breakfast, take fruits as your breakfast and eat oats, eat brown rice, intake vegetables at snacks time and salads or soups as your dinner. Drink up to 6 litres of water. With this, you can complete you 10 days diet plan and also can lose your weight within 10 days. Please check your weight after doing this also follow this you will surely able to notice the differences of weight you lost.

Additional Tips to follow in our daily life.

  • Water intake 6 litres daily
  • 2 Cups of Green Tea Morning and Evening
  • Lemon water with Honey before breakfast
  • Avoid Carbohydrates and take Oats as breakfast
  • Try to take protein and fibre foods like Eggs, Meat, Peas, Lentils etc.
  • Avoid Sugar, Salt and white rice
  • Never skip your meals
  • Do proper exercise and Avoid Junk
  • Prefer low calories food
  • Maintain proper sleep and Finally check your weight regularly.


Have a Happy Life 🙂


Before going to start this Diet, Just have a discussion with your family Doctor, It may vary on your body.


Have Good and healthy life guys, Pay some more attention towards your health and life than any other commitments in your life. Let Share your thoughts on this how to reduce weight in 10 days Tips through comment Section and share to your friends who struggling with more Weights. Help them to reduce weight.

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