How to Quit Smoking Slowly | Top 10 Useful and Working Tips to Quit Smoking

Hey People, Thinking about How to Quit Smoking? Let’s walk along with us to get a solution.

Every smoker knows a fact that smoking is injurious to health but still, they can’t able to leave that habit. Because Nicotine is the thing, once you get addicted to that you can’t be able to escape from it very easily. Few people started smoking just for passion, few people smoke to get out from depression. In fact, they don’t know the fact that they are getting closer to depression with smoking also.

People who want to get out of this problem and people who are smoking thinking that, “it is my last cigarette” and still smoking, We have a solution. Here in this article, we are describing things to stop doing when you want to quit smoking. Let’s get into that.

This Article is to provide tips to quit Smoking slowly if you are a Smoking Addict. Make well use of below-given tips and be the first to Quit Smoking. If you want to quit smoking gradually, consider these techniques such as nicotine fading & others. Read further to get more tips on how to Quit Smoking. This may be the most natural way to quit smoking because it does not introduce chemicals, drugs or even herbs into your body. Here is a list of steps to quit smoking.

Tips for Quit Smoking | How to Quit Smoking

How to Quit Smoking

  • Fix a Date to Quit Smoking
  • Think about Money you spend on Cigarettes
  • Quit with a Friend
  • Keep Yourself Busy
  • Eat Well and Sleep Well
  • Surely but Slowly
  • Surround yourself with Support
  • Don’t come to a conclusion at the first try
  • Find new ways to relax
  • Use Nicotine to quit smoking

1. Fix a Date to Quit Smoking

Here comes the first thing to quit smoking. First of all, when you decide to Quit Smoking then stop carrying cigarettes with you. Mould your mind that it should listen to your words as controlling our mind is an important job. Now, choose the right Date to quit but it is better to do it now than later. Follow the same. From the day you start quitting. Don’t dare to touch a cigarette. Prepare yourself mentally and physically in order to try to quit, though it’s a big challenge if you get your mind ready then you will be able to easily succeed.

2. Think about Money you spend on Cigarettes

Remember this fact that the average smokers spend around Rs.20/- to Rs.40/- per day on cigarettes, which will cost nearly Rs.1000/- a month. Make sure to treat yourself or gift yourself you love the most with the money you spend on cigarettes, it will be reason enough to motivate you to save the money that you spend on cigarettes. Set up a special piggy bank for it. Name it as ‘Quitting Jar’. Whenever you feeling like smoking, just drop that money in it. After a few days, open the jar and spend that money on the thing you love the most apart from Cigarettes.

3. Quit with a Friend

A US Study shows that smokers whose friends or colleagues quit smoking are more likely to stop themselves from it. If you want to succeed in your purpose to quit smoking, first give up cigarettes for good, catch or get hold of a friend who also wants to quit smoking. This way, you can keep each other inspired and entertain. So that you will know that you are not alone in this process as you have a friend to rely on.

4. Keep Yourself Busy

If you really think to quit smoking, Then this will be going to be one of the best things an individual can do who wants to quit smoking. Whenever you got a feeling like having a smoke try to resist yourself and engage with some other activity and keep your mind busy so that you get diverted. Try this again and again and you can also keep yourself engaged by calling your friend, going for a walk or having a glass of water.

5. Eat Well and Sleep Well

Know the benefits of having fresh fruits or any healthy food. This may be lead you to think to quit smoking habits.  When you feel like smoking try to have fresh fruits, vegetables as it will be healthy for our body at the same time or some snacks so that you could slowly get rid of smoking. Moreover, food is much more important than anything in the world. Healthy food keeps you fresh and mindful always.

6. Surely but Slowly

Tips for Quit Smoking | How to Quit Smoking

You can stop smoking gradually by reducing your nicotine intake by smoking fewer cigarettes per day and switching to low-nicotine brands at certain intervals. I recommend a period of 2-3 weeks, depending on your current nicotine intake.  There are some very important differences. Studies show that people cannot successfully reduce their nicotine intake in the long term so try to reduce the nicotine intake within a short period. The most important part is about the time limit because as long as you are still addicted to nicotine, your body will make you reach your established addiction level.

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7. Surround Yourself with Support

People who think of quitting smoking will have to overcome huge challenges because it’s not that easy to quit something to which you are addicted the most as you made a regular habit out of it. It requires a lot of willpower and determination to stop smoking. For doing this always keep positive energy around you and involve with people for positive words of encouragement which will keep your mind motivated for quitting smoking.

8. Don’t come to a Conclusion at the first try

Sometimes you get deceived by trying to quit for the first time. Also, you might feel that it’s very easy and I can quit smoking whenever I feel like but it’s not that easy because it is a very tough process. Don’t come to a conclusion before you feel 100% confident about it and no in-between cases.

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9. Find New Ways to Relax

how to quit smoking tips from

Some people involve themselves in smoking habits to experience relaxedness and relief. Keep yourself thinking away from smoking. Also, find new ways to relax your mind like reading books, exercising, deep breathing and meditating to avoid smoking.

10. Reduce usage of Nicotine

If you want to stop smoking gradually, it is important to create a structured and timely nicotine reduction plan and include it in your behavioural plan to eliminate psychological dependence. In simple terms, you need to calculate the amount of nicotine you are taking now, decide how long it will take you to get to zero and then set up your nicotine reduction plan and create a schedule carefully from where you are now to zero in this time frame.

Like most products or techniques for eliminating nicotine addiction, it will work much better when paired with techniques to eliminate the psychological addiction to smoking.

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