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How to Drape Saree in 5 ways

Saree means joy to all women always. Saree enhances charisma, elegance, and pride, it brings out the beauty of a woman in a mesmerizing way that makes every woman look beautiful. For most of the women, saree is the first love. Even though we do not wear them often, and yet, when we have the opportunity to show off in the saree, we take the queen on the way and drape the saree in a way that only does our best, right? That’s why we are here and make each woman’s first love special and awe-inspiring. This article is to all saree lovers by showing them how to drape their saree for an upcoming party or celebration. Take a look around and be inspired by our fabulous drapery styles.

how to drape saree

5. Rajrani Style

A royal way to drape the saree, perfect for newly wedded brides or even if you are attending a wedding. The Rajrani saree draped the pallu like dupatta and gives your existing saree a unique look.
Heavy border pallu is recommended for this type of drapery, also choose double shades saree for a chic look.

4. Double Pallu Saree Style

Another unique way to drape the saree that makes you look dazzling and enticing. The Double pallu drape looks unique and is a mix of two saris that give an illusion of dupatta on your right shoulder. Choose two shades of contrasting colors and wrap one of the pallu around your neck or right shoulder.

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3. Pant Style Saree

saree styles

Do you have the cocktail party of your BFF? Then we recommend you drape your saree in trouser form and stand up in the crowd. The merger of pants with saree is for the multicultural lady and we would say you look upbeat and whimsical at any high-end party. Wear figure-hugging leggings and midriff or crop top with the saree, also choose flowing fabrics.

2. Bengali Style

This traditional saree will make you look like an ethnic diva. Bengali saree has an aura of femininity and is easy to drape. Even Bollywood beauties love this saree style, and with proper accessories, the look of the saree is enhanced. Choose tant, Bengal cotton with rich pallu work and wear an ornate ring to look, beauty queen.

1. Dhoti Style

We call it the Sonam Kapoor Style Saree as it took this fashion by storm and looked intriguing and fashionable. Drape this style for wedding parties and look fabulous. Choose soft fabrics saree like georgette, chiffon, rayon and wear a crop top and leggings with Dhoti Style Saree.

types of saree styles

At finally, saree is one of the very beautiful dress code for girls, it for any country or any states girls. even there are a lot of girls are from out of India were liking to wear saree and they looking more beautiful then other dress codes. Still, in more Multinational companies are asking to wear saree for any of festivals or any celebration on the company. because it’s like traditional dress codes.

Ok girls, about saree you know well, so let try those above-mentioned styles and impress a lot of girls and boys. if you got any positive comments and reviews for your views then simply share our information with your friends and do support us. we discussed a lot of information about Life Style in the same India google website. have a look at all, and change your lifestyle with your India’s google site.

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