How To Download YouTube Videos : A 100% Working Tips for Download Videos

How To Download YouTube Videos For FREE

YouTube plays a major role in today’s life. News, TV Shows, Cooking recipe, Movies, Songs, the list will go long. Everything we expect will available on this YouTube, but we can view that only by online streaming, that’s a known truth. Someone may ask why I should watch content for some other’s revenue but today’s sad reality is without YouTube our society will not run if I am offline for an hour I will be outdated from this world. Yes true, it also makes psychological guilt when we are outdated or when we have more than 100 MB data after 11:30 Pm. Whatever the cons may be, YouTube has an equal number of pros too.

I can know about yellow waist protest by a single notification, and it also gives content to upload WhatsApp, and Instagram status because social media is an interlinked one. Truly, my friend has a habit of uploading news status on WhatsApp and he uses some apps to download those content from YouTube and he is one of a resource to me. He used to say this, ‘Why should I waste my data to watch my favorite content. It is economical and simple when you see your loveable song from your storage. It may arise the debate on the copyright issue, but the common man is not a corporate and a middle-class man can’t waste his money on the internet.

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So the person who needs the content to upload status and the person who wants to download your favorite recipes, this article is completely for you. I am going to suggest to you some apps which will help to download the YouTube videos for, free and I will review the basic features on those apps that I am going to suggest. Hope you guys like it.

YouTube Downloader

It is the stone age period app, this app was developed when those 3 people from Pay Pal invented YouTube. Initially, it was available for PC only but now this app also available for Android. The procedure to download the video is simple, we have to copy the URL of the video that we want to download and paste it in the YouTube downloader app’s search bar and by selecting the format or quality that we want the video will start downloading. It will look quite older, but it is an interesting app whatever we always respect vacuum tube more than I OS. And another one added advantage is it will not show ads. I am going to give 4 marks out of 5 (4/5) for this remarkably interesting app.

Download YouTube Downloader Here

Snap Tube

SnapTube - indiagoogle

This is the app that most android users prefer. The musical persons and the love status guys always have this app on their phone, but it will not be available on Google play but we can download it from the outsources like Shoptronics File Hippo websites. Procedure to download is simple we have to share the video that we want, in snap tube app and by choosing the required quality the video will download. I am not a fan of this app because by downloading a video by this app has this app’s logo as a watermark and I don’t like the watermark or some one’s logo on my favorite video. Apart from that, this app is really doing good work.

As like I said before if you are a musical fan or a love status guy and if you will not mind the watermarks on your favorite videos you can definitely use this app. I am going to give 3 marks out of 5 (3/5) for this app.

Download Snap Tube App Here

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Vid Mate

This thing is available on Google Play, and it is really an amazing app. If you type simply ‘video downloading app’ in Google Play you can see this app. This one is really serving good work. I think laziest people prefer this app because I came on Google Play by simply typing. But apart from jokes, it serves more than we expect. Video Downloading procedure is simple like a snap tube. We have to share it on the respective app and by choosing the quality, we can download our favorite videos. One thing, this app also has added. Yes, it sucks I don’t know why these ads are coming because I simply ignore it and I think many people might do the same but whatever, it is an interesting app. Try this one, and you will not get disappointed. I am going to give 3.5 marks out of 5 (3.5/5).

Download Vid Mate App Here

Tube Mate

TubeMate - indiagoogle

Another one third-party app, features are the same as the last two apps and the downloading procedures are also the same. But at what point this app differs from others is, it will become your mate because it’s Tube Mate. Jokes apart it will really help to download videos. But here also karma plays in the name of advertisement, what to do? Simply ignore those stupid ads. I am going to give 3.5 marks out of 5 (3.5/5) and use this app wisely.

Download Tube Mate App Here


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The last and the best video downloading app of this decade is Videoder. Really, this is my favorite app because I use this one on my phone. Same procedure like the other apps, share in the app, it will generate the downloading links and by choosing the required format and required quality we can download the video. Again advertisement sucks here too, but we concentrate only on pros. Really, it plays a great role. I am not suggesting this app because I am using, I have something more. You can feel that comfortability while using only. I am going to give 4.5 marks out of 5 (4.5/5). Try this at least once and you will not prefer any other app from that moment, believe me, these are true words from my heart.

Download Videorder  App Here

Finally, these are all the best five apps for downloading YouTube videos for free and the rating is my personal opinion, it may change on any one’s point of view. So guys try these apps and find your best one. There will be many apps like waste trash in Google play and online but I hope these five suggestions will help you. If I left any other special apps, please kindly forgive me.

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