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The year 2019 is nearing let us welcome the new 365 fresh pages of life with all good new hopes and aspirations. Predicting the future with the power of astrology will help us to pre-plan the future days for a happy life. The following predictions for each sign are based on the readings of heaven which is followed by expert astrologers. So here let us revise your future, read to make use of your insights.

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As per astrology 2019, it is safe that you shall be cautious around what is happening in your surrounding. You may feel disturbed due to the coming of Raghu. You may feel anxiety during the initial months of the year. Later on, you will feel lots of ups and downs coming up, leaving varies results. You may have disputes with your father and brother, also with some of your family members. Also, you may feel the distance between your relations which may bring negative impact creating a barrier between you and your loved ones.

Don’t be worried, you will have some positive impacts here and there throughout the year. The year 2019 will bring you lots of confidence and advantages in your life. This year you will recover from any physical alignments. You will stay fit and healthy throughout this year. Also, there is an indication of investing your money in properties or you may buy a car. For Aries, this year is a very favourable one for you if you tend to stay close with your dear ones. You are prompted to travel a lot during this year, you may also get a chance to go to a new place for work, mostly outside the country.


horoscope taurus

As per horoscope 2019, the upcoming will bring you a lot of excitement and there are many surprises waiting for you in the year 2019. This year is possibly going to be a fruitful year for you and also your loved ones. You shall also get a chance to get promotions in your workplace. If you are a graduate student you will get chances to go abroad for your higher educations.
As per astrology, Taurus will have a contentful year, you will finish major tasks or works related to your profession. You will maintain very good health this year. But be focused on your diet and exercise regularly in order to make this reading true. This is going to be the year which will bring you the most happiness, so try to give your fullest at work and studies. This will be a fruitful year for you. Party hard!


As per horoscope 2019, Gemini will face both the ups and downs this year. There is no rose without a thorn, bad attached with good will prevail in your life. But don’t worry you will have your family support, your spouse will help you too. No surprise that this year will be a roller coaster year for you. There will be both positive and negative changes in your life. Jupiter transits in your 7th house and from 2nd December it will transit to the 8th house, this period will be very crucial.

This year will ask you to work hard so that you will get what you want. If you are specializing in anything in particular in education, then it’s not going to be easy unless you work hard in those areas. This year looks like an average year for your growth which may not be rapid but let us hope for a fruitful year ahead. The best thing is that your spouse will always be close to you during your ups and downs. Live healthily, take care of your health and keep going.


As per astrology, the year 2019 will be a productive year for Cancerians. This year will be really productive for both of your financial and job status, you will earn a lot of money during this year. Any of your investments will be gifting you with positive results and will be succeeding. You may also enlarge your business, it’s the right time for you to rule the roost. All you have to do is to plan your moves and change it accordingly if needed, then victory is all yours. If you want to know about the right time to involve yourself in love, this year gifts you two bundles of days which start from January to March and October to December to make your love life as a successful one.

Energy and optimism will fill your surrounding, you will be happy and make your loved ones happy this year. Students will get to utilize all the best resources, work hard to get the ripened fruit. Make constant efforts to reach your goal. Don’t forget hard work always pays off.

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horoscope leo

The upcoming year is going to be the fruit-bearing year for you. Leos will be the star player of the year. You will seem to have enthusiastic manifestations. This year will bring drastic changes which will uplift your life to a higher level. Your good work will reach success and that will continue to fetch you more confidence throughout the year, you will be productive and feel zesty. But this time you have to be extra careful regarding your health issues. Even if you have bags of works always try to keep an eye on your health. Because Leo may feel down at health conditions. Interestingly, you will receive the rewards of your karma from June to September of this month which will make you feel blissful.

Keep a check on your expenses, always follow a budget and track on how much you spend on what. Your income may disburse this year. However, this year-end will bring you money. You have chances to buy new things this year. Spend your money carefully. Do charity, it will bring more good and have a positive reflection on your star. Astrology says that you may have disputes with your spouse, so stay calm. Keep track of your emotions, you will have to control jealousy and anger.


As per astrology, Virgo will be balancing their lives. You will face both the good and bad time in the year 2019. As Virgos has the nature of holding on the good ones, god will stay with all your decisions and make them happen as per your wish. You will get to receive high income this year; it is a well-known thing higher the income, the happier you will be. As you are very sensible and analytical towards everything, you will overcome all difficulties and be a successful person this year. Even if this year doesn’t bring you any drastic change, this year will let you enjoy the quality days of your life. As you have the tendency of making exceptional decisions, nothing has the ability which is strong enough to defeat you. Students may undergo hurdles this year, but don’t worry you will be rewarded if you overthrow those hurdles and work hard. September to December will be the period during which you will receive a lot of opportunities to grow. You will grow more spiritually this year due to the coming of Ketu in spaghetti. You seem to have control over your temper and you can actually handle your ups and downs. Be good-hearted, enjoy your days.


Libra! Your honor and prestige are waiting to increase. As per astrology, you will have a splendid year ahead but still, it’s natural to face icebergs if you are sailing in the Antarctic like that you will have to overcome some issues in your life in order to succeed. They may be hurdles in making money. Your income may see deserts. You will receive mental stress at work, strain and tension may prevail. Rahu has both positive and negative impact on your life. Look before you leap, pre-plan everything and predict your hurdles. You will grow economically. Your financial status will be more stable than last year.

Students, this year is a good year to go for higher studies abroad. Students will see a positive change in them. With brighter knowledge, you will clear all your exams easily. But planning is more important as equally as executing them. It’s time to take care of your children’s hygiene and it is the time you really have to focus on your health.

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Scorpios will have a positive impact due to the presence of Jupiter. You will see a huge leap in your career. You seem to have chances for your promotions but you have to work sincerely. During the starting of the year, you are more likely to gain success due to the occurrence of sun-mercury and Venus-Jupiter. From 21st June to 1st July you will not be able to make any solid decisions, you will feel restless and suffer to come up with final decisions. This is due to the unfavorable occurrence of planets in your sign. You have to work really hard to reach success in your career.hard word will yield anything you wanted. You may have to spend some on your medical expenditures. Take good care of your health, eat regularly and exercise regularly.

It is advisable to meditate and relieve your stress. Any court trails, hearing or if any will end soon. Students will have a moderate study life. You have to plan and workout to reach your destination if not there will not be any improvement.


horoscope sagittarius

According to astrology 2019, this year will be a year for growth and development. Anything that was pending for a long time will take place this year. There will be spots for you to look, leap, learn and grow. There are so many possibilities waiting for you this year. As Jupiter is near you, you may get to visit very holy places or you may take up a pilgrimage trip to a nearby spot. During the 2nd week of April and August, you have to be cautious, there is an unfavorable position of planets during that time. You may feel unlucky during that period.

As far as the finances are concerned, you seem to have a profitable year. Your monetary benefits are more likely than last year. It is advisable to be more careful while taking important decisions. Also, you may have to avoid being oversensitive to small problems and petty issues. There is good news, if you had any altercations with your family member, it will definitely come to an end this year. Moreover, take care of your good health.


Bringing the bang to your life! You will see a colorful year ahead. You are going to be the marquise diamond of the pendant! Capricorn, as per astrology 2019, you will have a positive cum productive year. You are a hardworking, determined as the sign denotes the earthy Capricorn, also you are very sensitive towards making decisions, you be practical and more reliable. Keep an eye over your financial stocks, pre-plan to avoid average results. You seem to be very lucky and fortune this year. You shall reach any height in your career. And if you are a student you seem to have a healthy study life. This luck will fetch you more grades. Be thankful to God and worship the planets of your sign for more likely benefits for they shall provide. In case if you are dealing with any big money dealing like if you are investing money in properties, you have to be very careful as you may not seem more lucky with money matters, be safe than being sorry.

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This year will be more efficacious. 2019, more constructively year will let you in, in all matters and you can give it a go. You will learn and grow. This year will be very practical for you. You have to be more patient and analyze the situations before you hop in. Patience is the secret. Perseverance is also a main ingredient to success. You can beat any struggle or climb any mountain. If you feel hopeless or lost remember the spring is around the corner, you have to hold on to faith, only then you will be able to row your boat further.

There is a chance for a foreign trip. Else you shall attend a conference in abroad countries. Get ready with your backpacks, it’s time to feel wanderlust! You may buy a new house this year or you shall renovate your old house. Students seem to have a prosperous year.


horoscope pisces

Pisces horoscope 2019, asks all Pisces to hold tight as they are going to add another feather to their cap. You will be the intelligent quick-witted on the uptake. But be sure you don’t develop an ego. Ego can destroy anything in a blink of an eye. You will be able to help others by giving solutions to their problems. You are likely to get more new friends to your circle. This year is the light at the end of the tunnel, you will plant seeds for your dreams. Everything will begin and cherish as per your wish. All that you have been dreaming of will reach you this year. You seem to have a more positive approach to love and relationships. If you seem to get any problems in the relationship, handle them with care and ignore it. You will have fewer hurdles this year. If your work is service-based, it’s the year in which you will receive more optimistic outcomes. The students will be more brilliant, no surprise even if you become the new Socrates of this age.

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