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A company that started on a garage in 4th September 1998 and rapidly grown to be a multinational company. Larry Page and Sergey brain are the people who started the company. Only certain people know that Google is named after googol which is known as the number followed by a hundred zeros.

Google is designed as a search engine for people, now the search engine is a part it involves from having an operating system to robotics and still developing now Google is the most resource full search engine of this era. Google is really a funny thing. Really, guys, it is very powerful than US president guys. It can comment about anything without any problem. Anything in the sense it can say Donald Trump is an idiot and it has the power to say Pakistan flag is a toilet tissue paper. If a common citizen comment about a government guess what will happen? Don’t you know? Simple you will become an urban Naxal or will become an anti-Indian. But Google is boundary-less, borderless even Ruthless thing. I am saying Google is a ruthless thing because of cryptography. I will come to that matter afterward but now let me speak about Google.

Google has many features and I can write a separate article about that. But I know, it is a waste of time so I compress that and give it in this article itself.


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Amazing Things in Google

  • There are many exciting features in Google like,
  • Google maps in that we can navigate and find the place.
  • In Google Play, we can download games, apps, and e-books.
  • In Google Drive, we can save whatever files we have but for large storage, we have to pay some money.

Of course, we have Gmail, Google pay, Google play music, Google assistant. It knows the list is going long but it is not completed and I respect the intelligence of a reader because a common man knows about Google so I better leave it.

But apart from testing your intelligence let me tell you funny news. Presently Google gave a report about the Indian youngsters. Many of the Indian youths proposed their love to google assistance. That is because every Indian male who is all born in the late ’80s and ’90s are not adapted to the modern culture and they don’t have girlfriends because they are all 90’s kids. Interesting right? But I felt very shamefully after knowing this thing because I am to a 90’s kid and I to don’t have a girlfriend.

List of Richest State in India

Speaking about google we can’t leave one person’s name. Guess who is he? Yes, he is the present CEO of Google. Every Indian will feel proud but for me, there is some extra proud because he is from my state.
I like one thing in him, many of the Indians changed their citizenship after getting a job in the US but he is really great because he is still living as an Indian citizen.

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai is easily known to all as CEO of Google. He was born on 12th July 1972and completed engineering in IIT Kharagpur. Sundar is one of the reasons to make Google as top MNC in the world. Pichai is the mastermind of google chrome it is one of the reasons he became CEO of Google

In Tamil Nadu, he is the role model for most of the youngsters we think that he is one of us. He is giving confidence to us. It is an unwritten rule an underdog has the power to rule the world.


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NEWS people once said regarding Sundar Pichai CEO position in google. They said he was appointed as Google CEO because of Micro Soft. At that time Microsoft also appointed an Indian CEO so they said, Google appointed him because for a business strategy. I don’t know about that strategy but he was selected among 100 crore Indian people. That is his talent and his talent will guide Indian youths.

Sundar Pichai @ Google

Ok, I am back to the half left thing, it is cryptography gentlemen. It is the community who are all fighting for their internet privacy. I’ll explain an interesting thing now, all your data, your information, and your privacy are stored behind one wall. Do you believe if I say like that? I know its hard to believe but what to do we can’t ignore the truth. Yes, one bug or a loop in their firewall can give access to our data. But don’t worry it is Google so we are safe.

Back to the topic called cryptogram, do you believe everything that you surf is monitored by someone? I don’t care that you are believing it or not but it a hard truth. For a test got to YouTube and search similar kind of topic for one week then you will be struck into similar content. Everything will become similar stuff. Google said it is a programmed thing to give whatever the person who search likes.

That program thing that your repeatedly searched things are your most liked thing. But that community are refused to accept it. they think that these things are all the work of Illuminati. Funny right? Nowadays my friend talking too much about Illuminati. Last week our street pipe got damaged then he said suddenly, it might be the work of an Illuminati. I got shocked not only him many fellows are here to blame Illuminati for everything.

But my friend is quite aggressive about them. Once I casually spoke to him but after an hour he is penetrating into the mind and trying to make me accept that earth is flat. Really those guys will mind fuck us.
Ok gone so far from the topic and I am sorry for that. Now I am going to say about the core. Yup here is the list of Google offices in India.

India Google – FAQ

List of Google Offices in India

There are mainly four google offices in India they are in Bangalore in Karnataka, Gurgaon in Haryana, Hyderabad in Telangana and Mumbai in Maharashtra

These 4 offices made a strong foundation in India. Now I am going to be extra proud because my first-year electronics professor is now working as a manager in one of the Google offices of India. I think that he is working in Bangalore. Sorry for this boring thing.

Google Offices address

  • Google India Pvt, Ltd. RMZ Infinity tower, old Madras road, 3rd 4th and 5th floor, Bangalore 560016.
  • Google India Pvt, Ltd. Sector 15, Part 2 village silokhera, Gurgaon 122001.
  • Google India Pvt, Ltd. Divya Sree omega survey no 13, Kodapur village, Hyderabad 500084.
  • Google India Pvt, Ltd. 1st floor 3rd North Avenue, Maker Maxity, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai 400051.

So these are all the address of Google offices in India. Please go and visit if the security refuses to allow you inside, I am not responsible.

My friend once said a rumor. Sorry, I don’t know it is a rumor or real. He said that inside the google office they provide PS4 to relax. If it is true, think how gifted are those Google employees. My mom first asked me to study computer science engineering but I chose a department which is vertically opposite to CSE. What to do everything is fate.

I am going to tell you exciting information. Guess what? I am going to say about the Salaries of Google India.

  • Senior Software Engineer’s salary is 956585 rupees
  • Software Engineer’s Salary is 748369 rupees
  • Data Analyst’s salary is 256147 rupees
  • Data Scientist’s salary is 916235 rupees
  • Network Engineer’s salary is 458296 Indian rupees
  • Software developer’s salary is 416805 rupees
  • Campaign Manager’s salary is 976410 rupees

Guys don’t open your mouth too wide it is their salary not per month but per annum. There are around 2000 employees are working in India.

Ok, this question is for Google pay users especially for a person who used it to earn money rewards. Government is the only source of money but due to the technology development, we are all adopted to digital money. The digital banks like G pay are giving extra money while using or transferring through their respective modes. My question is where that money comes from.

List of Richest State in India

Users Supporting Google

This question may sound like stupid for someone or someone like me raise this question against some other. But before this digital mode of money transfer, my account’s balance is on my responsibility but now it is just a numerical digit. I don’t know who gave the right to them to increase the number count.

Apart from the problems and discomforts, Google is still number one. That is because of us. Users gentleman, without us they can’t grow and without them, we won’t develop. Everything is interlinked and everyone is dependent on each other. So use it responsibly.

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