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What’s the difference between a Job and a Career?

If you are asking a question to yourself this, I will be with you for the next few minutes to tell you clearly about the difference between a job and a career.

A job, as the name describes, what you do is just a Job. A paid position of regular employment. Whereas, a career is far more different from the job. A career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. Most of the people will see their job as their career. while some mold their career into the job.

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To understand easily, imagine this now, a job is like you are sitting on a table and working for something just to get paid. But a career is more than that, it is more related to what you have been looking forward to accomplishing in your lifetime. A career is something which you wanted to do even though it pays you less. A job can be short term whereas a career is something which you do for long term. Even though career fails to gift your money as much as you might have expected, it gifts you a position. A position as a professional is all you dreamt off. So now you should be able to differentiate between a job and a career.


The basic notion among both of them is “work” and the fool notion is “occupation”. Occupation is another thing, it shall not necessarily be a career. Occupation is a job/work which should keep you occupied for a long time whether you like it or not; whether you chose it or not; whether it is your interest or not. Sometimes it shall pay you less, some may get paid right but it all depends on the job they do and skills they have. But right now, occupation is not the motif.

How to know which is a job and which is a Career?

It purely depends on your interest. I shall guide you to get the disembarkation card. For example, If you want to have a career in sales but you currently work as a dishwasher in a cafe, it is clear that your dream is to be a sales executive but you are occupied with a job. Another example, for instance, if you want to be a dentist but you have graduated in English literature due to other unfavorable circumstances, you cannot take up your career as a dentist. It is absurd if you still dream of it. You can either become a great writer which is equally good as a dentist. Or, you can become a journalist after completing journalism in your PG. So there are many options relating to your core.

If you have been taking up an internship program under a writing company which may not pay you but teaches you some of the professional ideologies and corrects you as well as helps you to improve your writing by guiding through the whole journey, then money should not be your first priority. Nothing can match the value of knowledge though it is money.

It is the first step towards your career and all that you do will not be in vain. In that situation, if you choose to work in a supermarket just because it pays you more than the internship in a writing company, then you are not making any progress towards the career your dreamt off and you are just into a job.

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How to Turn a Job Into a Career?

This is in your hands, If you serious about your career find a job first, that makes you happy and lead to be a first step towards starting of your career. This could be a little complicated while finding a perfect job. In fact, this may involve a little risk and time to find a perfect job where you could find satisfaction and interest to give the right path to your career.

Be specific

Always remember that a job will keep you occupied, a job wants you to work for something and gives you nothing other than money. So, be sure what actually you want to do a job. Even, It is wiser to choose your work. Walking on the random road for days and months will not take you to the desired destination. But choosing the right road will. It is wiser if you make up a clear map to your destination. An intelligent would take more time to sharpen his knife and lesser time to cut a tree rather than failing to sharp it and taking more time and energy to cut a tree.

Sharpening the knife is a simple and easy task but trying to cut a tree with an unsharp knife is unimaginably difficult.

Enhance Your Skills

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Once you clear with your goal, make your self productive in skills, where you are lacking in to reach your destination. Look into your skills what you have currently that will benefit to your chosen career. Simultaneously, develop required skills which are necessary to achieve your goal. If you lack in those, ask experts in your chosen career field and do respect what they have suggested. Even, this will enhance your networks in your desired career.

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Final Words

Now, you got the point what actually a job and career. As the Job and work are equally productive and operative technically but career is more than just being productive. Working on career needs an extra push, a career will open a wide horizon which you always wanted.

It might be painful for you to change your track if you find you are currently doing a job and start working for a career but you should be okay with sliding pain to take the other track. Because there is no gain without pain. It is necessary to work on what you wanted to be because only then you will get the satisfaction at the rear end of your life. You will see achievements and receive honors for your work if you love what you do.

All that you have to do before starting is “Do not lend your ears to anyone’s opinion”, others opinion are not factually meant for you. Just follow your heart but take your brain with you.

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