Cinema Theatre: Most Expensive Cinema Theatre in India

The experience can be further enhanced if you watch a movie in these great multiplexes. There is still no substitute for the cinema experience. To marvel at the latest Bollywood blockbuster in a full movie filled with people you do not know brings a different level of enthusiasm. It can make even the most boring movies bearable.


10. Prasads, Hyderabad

This IMAX was designed by L.V. Prasad group. IMAX has the largest 3D screen in the world, located in Hyderabad. You also have 5 normal screens next to the 3D screen. It broke all records with the large numbers of people who visited the multiplex to see Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban, Spider-Man-2 and Spider-Man-3 movies.

9. Mayajaal Multiplex, Chennai

Mayajaal Multiplex ticket price is Rs 120 + Rs 50 for booking rates. However, Escape Cinema services are definitely up to date. With a dedicated concierge desk, in-room surf center and self-service ticket kiosks all designed to enhance your overall experience.

8. PVR Plaza, New Delhi

PVR was the first company to introduce the concept of multiplexes in India. They revolutionized the multiplexing industry by introducing state-of-the-art audiovisual effects, screens, and extremely comfortable seating, thereby changing the movie experience for movie lovers. The PVR Plaza is one such theater where film premieres take place. Per person ticket price is between INR 300-375.

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7. Rajmandir, Jaipur

The movie theater is also known for its grand and royal decor and the largest screen in the city. Founded by the famous Golcha family, the theater was created 250 years ago and has since provided a great cinematic experience. Rajmandir is one of the best places in the Pink City. Rajmandir is not only a premium theater but also a major tourist destination as it is one of the largest Indian cinemas. The theater is popular both nationally and internationally and attracts both moviegoers and tourists every day. Ticket prices for this Legacy Theater start at between 120 and 400 INR per person

6. Ariesplex SL Cinemas, Trivandrum

Ariesplex is well-known that the first 4K projector in South India has only one screen and the seats are imported directly from Belgium. It established after the acquisition of SL Cinemas in Trivandrum. Price – A ticket in Ariesplex costs you between 150 and 500 INR.

5. PVR Lulu Mall, Kochi

This multiplex is located in Kochi. This multiplex consists of 9 large auditoriums. It is one of the best multiplexes in Kochi with excellent facilities. PVR Lulu Mall is the 89th largest shopping mall in the world. All screens of this multiplex have 2k Digital Projection. Each ticket price is INR 150 to 400 per person.

4. INOX, Nariman Point, Mumbai

cinema theatre in india

This multiplex is located in Nariman Point, Mumbai. This INOX has frequent ads that hit you between 180-250 INR. But it also has a special showroom called “Insignia”, which commands a bonus calculation. It is famous for its wonderful surroundings and for its exclusive furnishings. It also offers great support and has a great audio video. Insignia costs around INR 600 – 900 per person.

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3. PVR Koramangala, Bangalore

Price somewhere between Rs 650 – Rs 750, some may grumble that the food in the Gold Cinemas are overpriced given his finger meals, but the reality is, compared to most other multiplexes in the nation, comes with your own server, and is a multi-lingual theater contract is made, which is not as common as one would think in this place of the nation.

2. PVR Superplex, Noida

Another top quality multiplex from PVR, this is located in the Logix Town Center Shopping Mall, Noida. Including 4DX, IMAX, Playhouse, and several regular theaters, this is the nation’s second-largest multiplex with 15 screens, and certainly, the high-quality services of this multiplex are priced high. Pricing – A normal ad on PVR Superplex starts at INR 200. While IMAX costs from INR 300 – 600, while 4DX costs INR 840.

1. PVR Director’s Cut, New Delhi

This luxury multiplex at the Director’s Cut (DC) has four halls, a restaurant, a café, a bar, a pastry shop, a lounge and a bookstore dedicated to the films. With individual lamps set on a rest beside each seat and signatures from movie stars like Kurosawa, Ray, Godard, and others on the large smoky cups sections, this may be a visible remedy for movie lovers both, at a cost of Rs 800-Rs 1,000 costs.

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