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Hi guys, Recently we got to know there are so many people who are so much interested in solving puzzles and brain teasers. So, I would like to fulfill your interest.

On behalf of my team, I come up with the new challenge for you all here. So Are you really Excited to crack those puzzles? Let start with it guys.

Solving tricky questions and puzzles is not an ordinary process, only those who have some good IQ can able to solve it very easily. Some of the people are really well and good in these brain teasers, instantly and very quick. It makes them feel that they are born with that talent. If you are one of them? then here are your Arena guys, take a chance and prove yourself. If you win this contest then your pic and name will be crowned on his site visible to all. We always love to encourage people those who really have talent and skills.

We are sure we are not covered or prepared for very difficult questions/situations all the time, However, it’s very simple and unique if you think little smart surely you will crack it.


Important Notes:

  • Here are the Top 10 Puzzles /Riddles/brain Teasers / Tricky Questions
  • Don’t Refer anywhere, Be frank and loyal with your hearts
  • Don’t ask your friends to support you.
  • DIY – Do it yourself!!
  • Each Answer will get 10 marks. No Negative Marks 😉


  • One user can try at only 1 time in a month
  • Drive your answer and send it to newsindia1410@gmail.com mail id.
  • If you got most of them correct and top the score then you might get a chance to win attractive Prizes for sure.
  • If it is Image-based one, then download that image and edit it like high light the answer and attach into the mail.
  • Validation and Judgements are final from Our Team.
  • Share with your friends to participate and give them a chance to WIN.


Brain Teaser Question 1

brain teasers

Tricky Question 2

find odd questions

Puzzle Question 3:

funny questions

Brain Teaser Question 4:

puzzle questions

IQ Test Question 5:

puzzle to solve

IQ Test Questions 6:

tricky question

Funny Puzzle Question 7:

tricky questions

Puzzle for Adult Question 8:

tricky questions

Brain Teaser latest Question 9:

brain teaser questions for students

Interesting Tricky Question 10:

interview questions

Did you get an answer for all these Questions? Why waiting just write a mail to us and get Cash Prizes.

Write Mail @ newsindia1410@gmail.com.


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