Best Ways to Propose a Girl : Top 10 Best Ways to Propose Your Love

Love is the most emotional and caring things between a couple right? In this generation, most of them are falling in love with and without reasons. But they are getting struggled and at the same time scared to propose or express their love. This issue is faced by most of the youngsters, they are good in love but they failed to propose their love. So we thought to collect some best and working ideas like Best Ways to propose a Girl. You can trust me these listed ways will surely workout and you will get success in your love as well your life.

best ways to impress a girl |Best ways to Propose a girl

Confessing our love is the most difficult thing to do in our life, as we need to look for the right situation, right words to put on and deliver it with at most care because nothing should get wrong in order to succeed. Don’t worry, no hassles now we’re going to get to the top 10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl tip to your loved one.

Here is the list of working ways of a proposal of your LOVE.

Best Ways to Propose a Girl

  • On a Special Day
  • A Candlelight Dinner
  • With a Mystery Box
  • In the Park
  • At the Beach
  • On a Radio
  • Write a Letter
  • T-shirt
  • During a Movie
  • Where You Met Her

1. On a Special Day:

Propose them on their special day, like their birthdays, the day you met or during any festivals/celebrations like Holi or any other special days. Why because basically on these days they will be in more excitement and joy, so there might be a chance that he or she will accept your proposal on that special day to make that day more special guys. 😉

2. A Candlelight Dinner:

If you were friends for a reasonably long time, then you can ask them out for a dinner or a date. Choose a fancy restaurant in your area and take them with you in an elegant way. Look for a comfortable, romantic situation and propose your love that is enough to make it is an amazing proposal. Good luck!

3. With a Mystery Box:

Bring a box, decorate it with strange materials. It may look like a treasure box of her favourite design or you can give it a horror look that nobody wants to open it. It all depends on the person you propose and you would probably guess their reaction. But make sure you make the right choice of decoration with that box. Keep a note saying “I love you” and a ring. Ask them to open it and see their reaction I am sure that it will be a positive one.

4. In the Park:

Romance Love | Romantic ways of proposing

Ask them out and then arrange for a fancy party at a nearby park or her favourite one. Decorate the place and bring them with their eyes closed. Make sure you invite all of your friends. Ask someone to open her eyes and propose your beloved in front of her in your knees which will be great and a very promising proposal.

5. At the Beach:

If you were thick friends for a long time, take your lover to a beach on a full moon day. Take her on a boat trip. Keep quiet until you reach a few kilometres away from the shore as far as possible. While she is looking at the moon, hold her hand and propose in that perfect timing. So make sure you don’t fake out. Keep it natural and be yourself during the proposal to make it look more realistic. Also, add on your/her favorite poem, if you think it will work out or else avoid it.

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6. On a Radio:

If your beloved listens to radio or a live TV program regularly. Make a call to that show and confess your love for her in the program. This will definitely be a surprise to her. Use her pet name that only you two know while confessing your love so their parent won’t find out :). And dedicate their most favourite love song.

7. Write a Letter:

Love proposal Ideas | Love propose letter | Love Letter

Writing a letter has become out of date. But still, this will work out as there is saying “Old is Gold”. Write up a small note for your love and send it to her with a bouquet of her favourite plant and a gifted, chocolate is complementary ;p. Due to these ways additionally, we getting one more benefits like, no need to face negative results like reactions.

8. T-shirt:

Gift her a t-shirt which quotes that “my girl” or “my angel” or anything of your choice of quotes, however, you may want to describe her which will impress her at the same time. Or else, wear a t-shirt with a quote “will you marry me?” and stand in front of her surprisingly which is also a great idea.

9. During a Movie:

Take her out for a movie of her favorite star and propose during the romantic scene of the movie. Even they did not expect from you at this place and after proposal gets into again movie if any other love or romance scene running means surely they might think of it positively and they will like to be that cinema scene in real life. Which means they will accept your love for surely.

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10. Where You Met Her:

Take her to the place where you met her for the first time and propose in the exact spot where you met her. I think this is the last way of proposing your love. If you not at all ok with my above all the 9 ways or points then go with this last method. This is like a straightforward method, where you lost your heart and eyes, there itself just raise a ticket ;). Then based on the response move furtherly. Some of the girls are liking this kind of attitude as well as bold boys. So there might be a huge chance of getting success in your love.

Ok, guys here is the conclusion. I hope everyone read about all 10 ways to propose your love to your loved ones, and I think you might already choose any of these ways. Let it be. Go ahead with that and propose your love soon and get success in your life.  If you are really loving them then try to marry her as much as possible you need to fight for it.

If you already have any experience in this way please do let us know by commenting in this post, the future generation will be aware of it. 😉

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