Best Tamil Movies of All Time : Top 5 Best Tamil Movies List

Watching movies is the best time pass. It relaxes our mind and distresses from our daily routine. But everyone has a unique taste, each of us will have a list of movies of our own just like the favorite playlist of amusing songs. Here are top 5 best Tamil movies that you would have watched more than 5 times.

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1. Alaipayuthe:

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Everyone’s all-time favorite is “Alaipayuthe”, the director Mani Rathnam’s masterpiece. The tracks by A.R Rahaman is the most blissful part of the movie. The poet, Vairamuthu did a matchless job on writing the lyrics of the song. The movie has been neatly sculptured to project the true bends of the story. The movie “Alaipayuthe” stands no. 1 in the most repeatedly watched Tamil movies.

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2. Kannathil Muthamittaal:

The movie “Kannathil muthamittaal” is based on a short story “Amuthavum avanum” written by Sujatha. The movie featuring Madhavan, Simran, and P.S Keerthana received a box office hit at the time of releasing. The story still makes a strong impact on everyone’s heart.

3. Mangatha:

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Ajith kumar is the most beloved actor in Tamil cinema. Mangatha was a massive hit after Billa. Ajith played the role of a police officer, Vinay kumar, who has a negative shade and wants to steal money. The movie just resembles the game “Mangatha”, a gambling game played for money. Similarly, the police, Vinay kumar also plays with the game with others to steal the money.

4. Joker:

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The screenplay has been perfectly written to show the political satire. A guy from a village named, Mannar mannan claims to become the president of India. He has been perceived as a laughing-stock by every other people in the village. The story of “Joker” will be relatable to who has got an idea about the common man’s view towards injustice.

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5. Kakamuttai:

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“Kakamuttai” seems to be a simple story, but has a larger impact on the audience. The story is all about the two little brothers who struggle to fulfill a small wish. They live in a thickly dense slum situated at the middle of the city. There is a local rhythm that has been followed throughout the movie which doesn’t show the miserable side of the boys, instead, it shows the happy side of the boys. The climax is the true delight to the audience.

These Films are really Best Tamil Movies of All Time in Tamil industry guys! out of the world, Tamil Industry only has to produce more and more films and each and every Friday at least 3 to 5 films are releasing compare to other cinema industries. But only a few of the Films only making more sense and viral in the whole film market.

We collected those top 5 Best Tamil Movies List for your vision, I think we can watch these films more than a time in your life if you not even watched in a single time? then please do watch these films guys! Really it will melt your heart and mind.

Apart from these, there are more than films are there to watch, please stay tuned with us for more interesting Entertainment news and interesting facts for free! Maybe these films are very old or released in earlier but evergreen to watch. Trust our words and you will feel it.

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