Best Roads in Tamil Nadu: Top 10 Best Roads to Ride in Tamilnadu

You won’t believe that Chennai could be the incredible starting point for the best road trips. Here we bring you the top 10 roads in Tamil Nadu suitable for exiting road trips.

If you are not in mood and not feeling well mentally, then please go some ride with friends or without as per your comfortable. Especially going night ride you will get amazing peace and clarity in minds. If you not belive try once in your life. then share with us your night ride experience. By helping you, here we come up with Best roads list in tamil nadu. have a look at this and plan your trip now.

best roads in tamilnadu

These to 10 Best roads are good in South India Best roads too. The road should be smooth and clean then only mind will get peace, else you may get more tension due to that traffic and road conditions. 😉

1.Yelagiri to Chennai:

It’s 230 km from either way. You can take up the off chance to escape the frenzied city life. Yelagiri is a hill station, best suited to drain up all your stress.

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2.Mahaballipuram to Chennai:

Best suitable for the young couples planning their short trip, its just 61 km from Chennai. Mahaballipuram has a beach with resorts at the shore for a short stay. Also, it is an astonishing place where you can spend hours to admire the ancient monuments.

3.Pondicherry to Chennai:

The trip of 175km will be your incredible experience. It is a grand drive on the east coast road, with so many Dhabbas.

4. Rameshwaram to Chennai:

Its trip is 550 km long and best suitable for family trips with elders. Rameshwaram has a quite number of temples at the beach shore.

5. Chennai to Kanyakumari:

770 km trip to Kanyakumari is worth travelling as it is at the tip of India where three oceans meet. The places is liked by everyone as it is a beautiful place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise at the shore. There are places like Vivekanadhar mandabam, etc. to visit and enjoy. The highlighted spot at Kanyakumari is the tall statue of Thiruvalluvar, a great tamil poet.

6. Trip to Munnar:

Road trip to Munnar from Tamil Nadu is quite a long trip but the reward is justifiable. From here you can get all the chances to see all the parts of Kerala, even the backwaters of Allepy.

7. Chennai to Nellore:

Nellore is place in Andhra Pradesh. It is 177 km from Chennai. Nellore is an old town where Mauryan empire ruled. A road journey to Nellore will remind you of serene spots.

8. Nandi Hills:

If you need to be tempted by the enchanting greens and charming slope, Nandi hill is your destination. 357 km from Chennai offers south India’s old strongest slopes from where you can have amusing views.

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9. Mysore to Chennai:

Mysore is known as the city of castle, there are a lot of castles to visit. It is a town with 600 years of legacy and an outstanding history. The city is 472 km away from Chennai, the travel can take up to 12 hrs.

10. Kabini to Chennai:

Kabini is for natural lovers, it has a wild life sanctuary and a lake with majestic scenery. It is 560 km from Chennai.

Really, i want to ride in all these top 10 best roads in Tamil Nadu guys, basically am a rider and travel explorer. am looking for the moments, once i get that deferentially I will make it, then what about you guys?

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