Best Private Hospitals in Tamil Nadu | List of Best Hospitals

Private healthcare institutions provide the best quality treatment with doctors specialized in various fields. Almost every region in Tamil Nadu has private health hospitals. Private hospitals with more number of beds are usually the best functioning hospitals. Here is a list with best private hospitals in Tamil Nadu, considered a best among the common public people.

Best Private Hospitals in Tamilnadu | Best hospitals

Apart from this in Tamil Nadu Apollo and Kauvery hospitals are so famous you know, The two political legends are taken treatment over there and passed away, I think it’s just not a fault with hospitals. 😉

Best Private Hospitals in Tamil Nadu

  • Apollo Hospitals – Chennai
  • Christian Medical College (CMC) – Vellore
  • Sankara Nethralaya
  • Agarwal Eye Hospitals
  • Kauvery Hospitals

1.Apollo Hospitals – Chennai

Apollo hospitals are popularly known as Super specialty Hospitals in Tamil Nadu, more than 7000+ doctors are working in this hospital. Apollo never sleeps you know. So many people like, who come as medical tourist patient reach only Apollo first because it is specialized in everything. They have a hand full of well trained medical professionals. They are open 24×7.

2. Christian Medical College (CMC) – Vellore

They provide advanced medical treatment and affordable by everyone. Also, offer advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services and secondary care for local communities. And these people have a high number of medical staffs that is 9,500 including 1,800 doctors and nurses. CMC is well known and famous for neurology, gastroenterology, and hematology. They are open 24×7.

3. Sankara Nethralaya

Among the eye care hospitals, Sankara Nethralaya has earned a great name for its own as everyone loves their service. It is popularly known as “The temple of the eye”. The best part is that the world-class services provided at Sankara Nethralaya are at the cheapest prices affordable by all. The service is not 24×7.

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4. Agarwal Eye Hospitals

It was founded by Dr.J. Agarwal who was awarded Padma Bhushan in 1957. It is a global healthcare organization, especially for eye care. They practice a truly global eye-care service. They have global benchmarks and they guarantee standardized service. But this hospital is not a 24×7 hospital but they have timings for each service which we have to check for appointments. Agarwal ensures truly skillful treatment for patients. They believe in accentuated treating process in a pleasant environment. The hospital experience completely daunting and patient-friendly.

5. Kauvery Hospitals

They are leading multiplicity hospitals which is mainly looking into patient care. They provide patients with sophisticated care. Kauvery hospitals have been delivering excellent medical care. But, this could be a little costly for all treatments. Kauvery hospitals are located all over Tamil Nadu like Tennur, Trichy, and Chennai. These hospitals also serve patients with Avant-grade technology. They are known for their multidisciplinary services. The doctors are very friendly, Kauvery is the best hospital in treating heart diseases, transplantation, and vascular diseases.

Best Hospitals in Chennai | Best Private hospitals | hospitals

Nowadays Hospitals is the top trend business in this world, this 20th century facing a lot of health issues and sicks and new diseases are developing than older days. there are there divisions of hospitals sectors, like Govt hospitals and Private Hospitals and then small Clinics.

There are no much differences between of these each section, I guess only fees are the matter and some more Additional felicities also going to be a part of this. There are many Best Government Hospitals also Available in our Tamil Nadu, but still, people are always looking for Private hospitals. Here I just listed out the Difference between private hospitals and Govt hospitals, Just have a look at it and let me know if you have any additional points or any objection over these comparisons.

Comparison Between Private Hospital and Govt. Hospital:

 Services Govt. Hospitals Private Hospitals
Over Cost No Yes
100% Effective Treatments Partially Yes
Additional Care No Partially
Additional Felicity No Yes
Additional Equipment’s No Yes
Specialist Doctors Yes Yes
Trustability Partially Partially
Depth Treatments Yes No
Atmosphere Bad Very Good

Hope you all agree with this point of comparisons. let mention me in the comment section about your feedback (If any).

I think we should be more aware of our life and health than discussing the best hospital is private of government. In this Same Site we mentioned a lot of Health Tips and awareness, just have a look at it and be healthy.

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