Best Mileage Scooters : List of Best Mileage Scooters in India 2019

There are a lot of vehicles in India with different models, different manufacturers. In this list, we have mentioned the top 10 best mileage scooters available in India.


They are,

  • Okinawa Ridge
  • TVS Wego
  • TVS Scooty pep plus
  • Yamaha Fascino
  • Suzuki Access
  • Suzuki Let
  • Hero Pleasure
  • Yamaha Ray z
  • Honda Aviator
  • TVS XL 100
  • Hero Duet

I will tell the details of each scooter how much mileage it will give and where it is manufactured.

Okinawa Ridge

This is manufactured in India. It has several types in Okinawa example Okinawa Ridge plus, Praise. It is giving the mileage of 90 Km Per Litre. The rate is about 42400/- The scooter comes in different color like white, red, brown, grey etc. Its clutch is automatic, electric fuel type. The total speed of this scooter is 60 Kmph. It is an Electric start type. This scooter is very comfortable for girls and men.

  • Mileage: 90 KM/liter
  • Speed Average: 60 KMPH
  • Approx. Price: RS.42400+


This is manufactured by TVS Company in India. It has several types of vehicles manufacturing by TVS Company. Example, TVS XL, TVS XL 100, TVS Victor, etc. and TVS Wego is one of the vehicles. It is giving a mileage of 70 km per liter. The Tank contains 5 liters. It has speed 84 km per hour. It has a self-start and kicks start also. TVS Wego is a non-gear vehicle. This vehicle can be used by men and ladies. The rate will be approximate of Rs. 50000 to 55000.

  • Mileage: 70KM/liter
  • Speed Average: 84KM/Hr
  • Approx. Price: 50K to 55K+

TVS Scooty Pep

This is also manufactured by TVS Company. It has several types of vehicles by this company. TVS Scooty Pep is one of the vehicles which gives a mileage of 68 km/liter. The tank contains literses. It has a speed of 70km per hour. It has the self-start and kicks start and it is a non-gear vehicle. This vehicle can be used by mens and ladies. The rate will be about Rs. 40000 to 45000. It has various colors. The competitors of the TVS Company is Honda Company

  • Mileage: 68KM / liter
  • Speed Average: 70 KM/hr
  • Approx. Price: 40K to 45K+

Yamaga Fascino


The Yamaha Fascino vehicle is designed by the Japanese two-wheeler company. This vehicle has interesting colour choices and has a styling look. The seats will be very comfortable and also for riding and for the pillion. It has a different look and style compared to other vehicles. It gives mileage 66 km per litre. Capacity for petrol is about 5.2 litres. It has self-start and kick start. The price range will be approximate to 53000 to 56000.

  • Mileage: 66KM/liter
  • Speed Average: 60Km/Hr
  • Approx. Price: 53K to 56K

Suzuki Access 125

The Suzuki access 125 is designed by a Japanese company. It has a classic look with attractive lights. It has a pillion grab rail. This vehicle will have an attractive look and comes in various colours. It gives mileage 64 km per litre. The petrol tank fills 5.6 litres. It has a kick and electric start and can be ride by men and ladies. We can keep things under the seat.

  • Mileage:64KM/Liter
  • Speed Average: 66Km/Hr
  • Approx. Price: 57K+

Best Two-Wheeler For Ladies 2019

Suzuki Let

The Suzuki Let vehicle is designed by a Japanese company. It has an attractive look with attractive lights. This vehicle comes in various colours. It gives the mileage of 64 km per litre and the petrol fills up the tank of 5.2 litres. It has a kick and electric start and can be ride by both genders. The rate is approximately in between Rs. 50000 to 55000. It will be comfortable for riding and keeping things under the seat.

  • Mileage: 64Km/liter
  • Speed Average: 62Km/Hr
  • Approx. Price: 55K

Hero Pleasure

Hero Pleasure is a 110cc Scooter for flexible for women riders and looks with trendy design. It will be very attractive and had a self-start and kick start. It has a dual tone colour and also the vehicle come in various colors. This is manufactured in India. The scooter looks sporty. There is a provision for keeping things in front and also under the seat. It gives a mileage of about 55 to 60 km per liter. The petrol tank fills about 5 liters. The rate of this vehicle will come approximately from 45000 to 50000/-

  • Mileage: 60Km/Liter
  • Speed Average: 55Km/Hr
  • Approx. Price: 50K

Yamaha Ray Z

Yamaha ray z is a good-looking scooter which was manufactured in Japan and sailing in India. It looks very attractive and will attract college youngsters. There are various colors. The headlight and indicator cover a large portion. The handlebar looks very sportive and stylish. This is very stylish and also very convenient. This vehicle gives us mileage of 62 km per liter and the petrol tank fills for 5 liters.

The price will come approximately to 50000 to 53000. This bike can be ridden by women also. It has self-start and also kicking facility. It has an aluminium rail behind the pillion. It is very easy to ride.

  • Mileage: 62Km/Liter
  • Speed Average: 57Km/Hr
  • Approx. Price: 53K

Honda Grazia


This Vehicle looks like Activa. It normally sold in Mumbai and it is very convenient to ride. The mileage of this vehicle 60 km per litre. This vehicle had 3 variants with 11 colors. The price of the scooter is approximately 64000/- It can be ridden by both the genders. It has self-start and kick start. It has an attractive look and it is a very likable vehicle for the youths.

  • Mileage: 60Km/liter
  • Speed Average: 50Km/Hr
  • Approx. Price: 60K

Best Two-Wheeler For Ladies 2019

Hero Duet

This vehicle is made in Hero Moto corporate company. It has an elegant and dynamic shape which look very attractive. This vehicle has a speed of 85 km per hour and gives a mileage of 63 km per liter and fuel tank capacity is 5.5 liters. This vehicle is very comfortable for beginners and for comfort to women. Duet vehicle has got extra features like under seat luggage, mobile charging socket and rear luggage hook.

  • Mileage: 63KM/Liter
  • Speed Average: 85Km/Hr
  • Approx. Price: 60K+

TVS XL 100

This vehicle is made in India and manufactured by TVS Company. It has a fuel tank of 4 liters and gives a mileage of 67 km per liter. The price range starts from 33000 to 40000. This Scooty has self-start and kick start. It is available in four variants. It is used for loading luggage. TVS has 2 different seats one is for the rider and pillion. There will be space in the middle to keep the luggage. Different Colors will be available.

  • Mileage: 67KM/liter
  • Speed Average: 49KM/Hr
  • Approx. Price:40K

These are the list of the best mileage scooter available in the India. If you have any friends or relative searching for a best scooter, then help them by sharing this article to them.

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