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If you are having a PC then probably you are now searching for the best PC games to play for this upcoming summer. So in order to assist you, we have compiled a list of best games you might be interested in playing. We have listed several types of games on this list. With having an ocean amount of games available out there you might end up confused when you are in search for the best game on your own don’t worry we are here to assist you to satisfy your need of the best game.

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Some of these games are my favorite one and be careful not to install many high-end graphics games on your PC as it might damage your system. My recommendation is to try out the games one by one to keep your head focused on one game and at the same time not risking your PC. Here is the list of 10 greatest games available for PC.

10. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is the post-apocalyptic First Person Shooter game which was created by 4A games and released by Deep Silver. This game is adapted from one of the most famous novels named Metro 2033 which was one of the series of Dmitri Glukhovsky novels. If you are a fan of this book then you are in for a great treat as the creators of this game had made the book characters in the game with intense graphics effects as you will experience that you are the character. This is a horror survival game which gives you nail-biting experience.

Download Metro Exodus Game

9. Dirty Rally 2.0

Dirty Rally 2.0 is a car racing game in which you need to build your own car part by part by selecting the best ones. This game is built with better graphics inputs when compared to its previous version to make the gamer have real-time experience. But you can’t master the game quickly as it needs a lot of practice and control to master it. This game is not for individuals who are searching for quick time game types.

Download Dirty Rally 2.0 Game

8. Divinity: Original Sin II

This is one of the greatest roles playing game that is ever developed. This is an upgraded version of Divinity Original Sin I for its both gameplay experience and graphics. This game contains at least 80,000 lines of dialogues available in the game, which makes your game playing experience more enjoyable. If you are playing this genre of game for the first time then you might get confused about the gameplay but once you get a handle of it then you are in for a great treat. This game is full and fully based on the fantasy world made with amazing tactical combats.

Download Divinity: Original Sin II Game

7. Nier Automata

Nier Automate is a Role-Playing game based on action genre which makes this game as one of the greatest games of all time. This game was developed by platinum games and Yoko Taro. Also, this game has amazing gameplay with different types, which has an emotional story line with the great soundtrack and interesting characters. Moreover, it gives a great combat gaming for gamer with exploring a vast open world to gain all types of experience.

Download Nier Automata Game

6. Frostpunk

Frostpunk game has more interesting game play mechanics which makes you addicted to this game and you will never get bored with this one. Moreover, if you are a city simulator genre gaming fan then you definitely need to try this game. This game is based on the post-apocalyptic genre in which the entire world is frozen as you need to fight and save resources for your survival and to help the world get back on its feet with the help of generator which is available in the middle of nowhere.

Download Frostpunk Game

5. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Each and every gamer in the world will have played at least one series of the Assassins Creed game as it is the most popular game made by the UBISOFT gaming company. This game is a great Role Playing and it is not like other assassins creed series games as this is completely different from others, which gives you the pretty good reason to try this one.

Download Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Game

4. Fortnite

You probably might have heard the name Fortnight in the Android gaming applications some of you don’t know that it is also available for PC. So if you don’t have high-end mobile phones then don’t worry you can play this game on PC. This game is first created based on the PUBG then later it is upgraded by adding some of the game play from the Mine-craft. This game is developed by the Epic games gaming company. Unlike PUBG, Fortnight game allows you to build your own building to improve your defense in the game and also it gives you good creativity. So this game is a mixture of both reality and fantasy world.

Download Fortnite Game

3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of duty is also one of the well-reputed gaming series that is available in the action genre. When comparing to the Call of Duty’s previous gaming series, this one will have a great set of changes in both the game-play and graphics. This game is full and fully based on the shooting action game with an amazing story-line. If you are in search of a full and full action packed game then this is the one you are searching for.

Download Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Game


pubg games for pc

Pubg is the founder of the battle royal gaming genre after its incredible success in this genre. Though, many other games have been created based on this formula none of them succeeds as the Pubg did. The game is started by landing 100 players on a map where you need to collect the guns among many other things to ensure your survival till the end. Unlike other games, this one offers both the First Person Shooting and Third Person Shooting perspectives. If you like the realistic gaming experience then this is the perfect match you are searching.

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1. Apex Legends

Another one of the battle royal game available in this list is the Apex Legends. The main reason this game is unique among other battle royal is because of its non- verbal communication system, which helps the users who don’t like to or can’t use the mic for the communications. If you got bored by playing PUBG and Fortnight then you need to try this one for a change and also to experience different and great game-play. Moreover, unlike other battle royal games, this one is full and fully free to play.

Download Apex Legends Game

So, If you are a F2P player then you definitely have to try this game. Research the types of games that were mentioned above and choose the one which is your favorite genre. Each and every game that was listed is worth playing your time as you will never get bored of them.

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