Best Automatic Cars In India : List Of Best Automatic Cars In India In 2019

Hello Folks! I hope you all are doing well. Today, in this article we have listed out the India’s best automatic cars.
Automatic cars have become a popular in India as they deliver excellent comfort and many leading car manufacturers are developing, designing, and launching brand new cars every year at reasonable rates. According to reports, car manufacturers have done a wonderful research on what the consumers are looking for and understood the basic needs of their customers.

best automatic cars in India

They also understood what customers are expecting through an automatic car.
Now, you might be thinking what an automatic car is? So, first let me tell you an automatic car has a self-shifting transmission system or an automatic transmission system where gear ratios changed automatically as per the speed of the car. It means you do not have to change the gear every time while you are driving. This makes it easy for all the drivers to drive the car comfortably without troubling about the gear.

Automatic cars are also called as gearless cars. Let’s take a look at some of the best automatic cars in India.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio

In India, Maruti Suzuki Celerio is the best selling automatic car that is designed and developed by Maruti. It is one of the biggest hit cars by Maruti. The car has gained popularity due to its automatic transmission system. Moreover, the car delivers a power of 67 bhp at 6000 rpm and a displacement of 998c. Also, it has a reasonable price of Rs 4.53 lakh. The car gives a mileage of 23.10 kmpl. You can experience a great journey with this seating capacity of five people.

Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai-Grand-i10 | Best Automatic Car

Hyundai’s new car has something new to deliver to the Indians. This automatic car model can accommodate 5 people and has a petrol engine. The car features an engine displacement of 1197 cc, a minimum turning radius of 4.80m and has 4 cylinders. This car gives a mileage of 16.95 kmpl and cost around Rs 5 lakh. The car has a fabulous safety feature and great performance that you must try.

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Renault Kwid

If you are looking for an automatic car with a low budget, then Renault Kwid is for you. In the low budget, this car is attracted by many Indian customers. With an engine displacement of 999 cc, the vehicle has a 1.0 litre engine with smart control efficiency. The vehicle has 5 gears, a fuel capacity of 28.0, and gives an excellent of 24.04 kmpl. As we said, this car is a low budget car, with a cost of Rs 2.86 lakh.

Tata Tiago

This is an another automatic car which comes under low budget cars. This is an amazing car which is available in various colors. It has an engine displacement of 199 cc. This low budget car comes in a range of Rs 3.5 lakh. The car features a torque of 114 Nm at 3500 rpm and a power of 84 bhp at 6000 rpm. It gives a mileage of 23.84 kmpl with a fuel tank capacity of 35.0 litre. The car has an attractive look which goes well if you are going for a road trip. It can accommodate 5 people, which also fit for a family trip. Other features of this car include a child safety lock, passenger airbags, an engine immobilizer, and dual front airbags which make it a stylish as well as a comfortable car for many Indians.

Datsun Redi G

Datsun_Go | Best Car

This super car has a sporty look which can accommodate 5 people. Also, they are available in various color options. It comes with a power of 67 bhp at 5500 rpm and an engine displacement of 999 cc. It features I-SAT (Intelligent Spark Automted Technology) Engine which is an awesome automatic transmission system with 5 gears. The fuel tank has a capacity of 22.50 kmpl and it gives a mileage of 22.50 kmpl. This is an ideal automatic car for a road trip which comes in very reasonable price that starts with Rs 2.63 lakh.

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Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

The Alto K10 by Maruti Suzuki is very popular among the resident in India. It has two automatic variants from which you can choose, one is an automatic transmission (AT), and another is a semi-automatic transmission (AMT). Both the cars come with 5 gears and a front wheel drive (FWD). With a maximum speed of 137, the car can give a mileage of 24.07 kmpl. The car features an engine displacement of 998 cc with a fuel tank capacity of 35.0.

The car has a power of 67 bhp at 6000 rpm. This 5-seater car has a rear suspension and a front suspension, which include 3-link rigid axle suspension and a gas-filled Mc Pherson Strut respectively. It comes within a range of Rs 3.59 lakh. It has a central locking feature, an engine immobilizer, and a child safety lock that protects you and your family while you are enjoying the trip.

Mahindra e20Plus

This is an electric car by which you can move a hand towards saving the environment. It also ensures that you enjoy a stress-free ride without troubling to change the gear apparently. This automatic car has two vibrant with an electric engine – 40 BHP and electric engine – 25 BHP.

The 25 BHP electric engines – this gives a mileage of 110.00 kmpl with a power of 25 bhp at 3500 rpm and a displacement of 210 cc. The second one with the electric engine of 40 BHP – gives a mileage of 140.oo kmpl with a power of 40 bhp at 3500 rpm. Both the vibrant contains an engine type of 3-phase AC induction motor. It has a capacity of 4 people which makes it an ideal choice for daily use. You can get this car with a range of Rs 5.94 lakh.

So, here is the list of top automatic cars in India. I hope you explore the options and choose the best for you. Also, these cars are eco-friendly, so give them a try!

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