Best Apps For Android : List Of Best Free Android Apps 2019

Over the time technology has been improved and normal phones are replaced with smartphones such as android, apple, windows and more. The importance of android phones is growing over the recent years as more people are getting addicted to them.

Nowadays it is not about luxury anymore. Smartphone becomes a basic necessity of human life. There are many operating systems running on many mobiles, yet the android is one of the most popular operating systems. The android is the most used operating system and also statistics suggest that Android has a large number of applications when compared to others.

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Either you are brand new to android phones or the long-term user there are tons of android apps around 3.5 million in Google play store which can be intimidating. However, their usefulness is limited to the habits of people using them. You will be familiar with these apps as we have only mentioned most basic needed applications for an android phone.

List Of Best Free Android Apps 2019

We all know that when it comes to android applications everyone will have different priorities so we made a common list of applications which will be useful for everyone. First of all, there are no games on this list as we have only listed the basic applications common for every user.

Essential Apps for Android

  1. Chrome browser
  2. Avast antivirus
  3. Evernote
  4. Google maps
  5. Shareit
  6. Backup and restore
  7. ES file explorer
  8. YouTube
  9. Adobe Acrobat reader
  10. MX Player

Chrome Browser

Similar to a computer browser android browser also plays an important role in the mobiles. At first, everyone was astonished when Google announced its launch of the official browser for the android. It is one of the most widely used browsers for the android. It also helps you to save 60% of your data. Chrome is a fast, simple and secure browser. It comes up with the Google search and Google translate built-in.

You can be able to go hands-free by without typing a word using Google voice search feature to find the results. When you sign in with your Google account chrome browser will synchronize and bring all your bookmarks, search history and setting to your mobile. There are many browser applications in the play store, but chrome is the best among the others.

Download Chrome App 

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Avast Antivirus

To avoid from falling the victim to the increasing amounts of Android malware you need to have a good antivirus, which is avast mobile security as it is the world’s most trusted antivirus for the android.

This app gives you real-time alerts as soon as your device is affected by any spyware. It also gives you options for removing the virus and scanning the entire mobile. Apart from these avast also gives you access to the virtual private network (VPN) service which allows users to browse safely and securely.

Download Avast Antivirus


Evernote is an all-around digital multi-tool which allows its users to make lists, notes and even voice recording. It helps you to organize notes in them any way you want and also allows you to share them with others.

My favorite feature is it gives the ability to sync the contents across all types of devices and lets us comment on them. Evernote allows us to use them in a day to day life, business, and education. Also, it helps us to find any notes with an instant search feature.

Download Evernote

Google Maps

best free mobile apps

Planning to go on a trip? Then looking for a tour guide is not needed nowadays when you have a smartphone with Google maps application which will guide you through the tour virtually. This remains as one of the best apps for the android ever. Street view in Google maps provides access to you for the many streets in the world as an interactive panorama.

It contains real-time traffic updates and local suggestions for food and entertainments. It also lets you see what is trending and new places that are opening in your favorite place. You can now navigate without an internet connection in offline.

Download Google Map App


When it comes to sharing either app or media files Shareit is the fastest cross-platform transfer application. Shareit is faster than Bluetooth as 200 times maximum and speed goes up to 20 MB/S.

It uses the wifi and hotspots in mobiles to done transfer between the applications. It even has the online free music and video libraries to access them online and contains powerful media player which supports all formats and gives you good playing experience for both videos and music.

Download Shareit App

Backup and Restore

This is the all-in-one app which lets you backup your data. It can back up all your phone data and even app data. This gives the option to back up the data for either SD card or even to the cloud storage.

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It allows you to restore manually or full backup. This app lets you prevent any data loss from your mobile device by backing them up. This is a small, simple and easy backup tool to use and also allow us to free our mobile storage.

Download Backup & Restore App

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a free, simple and safe file explorer which lets you manage files efficiently and easily. It also lets you share files such as images, music, videos, docs, and even applications.

This app allows you to find any file instantly with its search feature. It also has a numerous number of inbuilt features such as SD card analyst to identify duplicate files by removing them to save device space and cache cleaner which deletes junk files that takes up the valuable device storage.

Download EX Explorer App


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Do you know that there are more contents in YouTube which a human can watch in several lifetimes? YouTube has all kinds of videos such as news, music, video game plays, reviews, movies, educational and many more videos.

It also allows users to obtain knowledge and learn about numerous topics which will not only help them to learn about the important information but also gives them the ability to develop the creativity. There is a YouTube kids app dedicated only to children to give knowledge to them on a variety of subjects.

Download YouTube App

Adobe Acrobat Reader

It’s the most trusted PDF reader trusted by millions of people around the world. Acrobat  Reader is a free application created by Adobe Systems. It is also used to create, edit and view a PDF file.

Adobe has cloud storage which allows you to make a backup of your files online and gives you gain access to any device. You can even make comments in form of notes and highlight the text with annotation tools using the Adobe application.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader App

MX Player

Are you looking for the best video player to watch media files? Then my suggestion is MX player. As it is the most powerful video player which supports all formats of videos with advanced hardware acceleration technique.
Some video players do not support all the audio formats out there but MX player supports all of them. It also allows users to add subtitles to the video files and kids lock to keep your children entertained by avoiding unnecessary actions done by them.

Download MX Player App

This is just the tip of a huge iceberg. There are still many applications out there which are also important ones. If you have any suggestions, you are welcome to discuss them in the comment sections below. Also, let’s share this knowledge with your friends and family.


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