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Welcome Guys, A human being has various habits in that some of them belong to good habits and some of them are from bad habits. Good habits are always good only, so no need to consider that, but we have to consider and care about our bad habits. Because we need to work out for those bad habits in order to avoid them in the future. Some of the habits we used to do without knowing them to impact right? like that list only we are going to see, Here are the list of bad habits to avoid.

bad habits | Bad habits to avoid

List of Bad Habits

  • Biting Nails
  • Technology Addiction
  • Junk Food
  • Plastic Usages
  • Taking Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Postures
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Addiction to Something
  • Lying to doctor

1. Biting Nails is a Bad Habits

Many of us have an assumption that biting nails reducing stress or it keeps you calm at that moment, which is not true. Biting nails leads to viral infection. While biting, nails could go into the stomach and cause damage to the cuticle. It can also affect your teeth and the skin surrounding your nails. To avoid it, you can use a substitute like chewing gums or lollipop to overcome that habit.

2.Technology Addiction

Every individual has a personal mobile and laptop and television at home nowadays. By spending lots of time on laptop leads to stress, headaches, lack of sleep, depression and carpel tunnel syndrome. Using mobile phones during driving is the main reason for road accidents. The radiations from mobile phones can be able to cause brain tumours. By watching too much of television it damages your eye and also uses all these technology leads to isolation. Technology is always an advantage where we can get things done quickly, but excess usage of them will have severe effects on our health and also body.

3.Junk Food – Dangerous Bad Habits

Bad Habits | Bad habits of Children

Food is very essential and most liked by many of the people to satisfy their taste and hunger. In recent days, eating junk food more than hygienic food has become frequent and also a problem for many people. Junk food deceives you by the taste but later, you will have to face after effects like obesity, hypertension, glucose intolerance, and cardiovascular problems. Many people skip their breakfast and they take it casually. But, skipping breakfast is the main cause of diabetes. Having breakfast is very much essential to keep your body healthy and to avoid getting affected from serious diseases .

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4.Plastic Usages

Plastic has become a substitute for things such as plates, water bottles, lunch boxes and many more things in our day to day life. Usage of plastics leads to viral infections and may cause severe health issues. We should not consume anything which is preserved for more than 2 days in plastic content material or else it will be problematic to your health.

For example, Stored Drinking of water and snacks kept before a week. It can have adverse effects and thus, we need to reduce the usage of plastic content.

5.Taking Alcohol

People assume that drinking of alcohol reduces stress and they get relaxed from pressure and tension which is proven to be wrong. Drinking of alcohol damages your digestive system and slowly eats up your liver and kidney. Once in a while consuming alcohol is fine but the excess consumption of alcohol might have higher risks on your health and even damages your organs.


bad habits to avoid | List of bad habits

Smoking has become like drinking water these days. Whatever is the reason, inhaling a puff brings relief to many people which is eventually spoiling your health. Smoking leads to contamination of your lungs and breathing problems. Moreover, it is dangerous than consuming alcohol.


We take this very lightly and tend to sit, sleep or stand as per our comfort. There is a way to sit, stand or sleep. When we are driving we need to keep our spine erect so that we don’t get back aches. Same applies when we Sit or Sleep. So we need to follow these methods very carefully to overcome future problems.

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8.Lack of Sleep – Should Avoid this Bad Habit

People sacrifice sleep to get things done in time but lack of sufficient sleep may have effects on your daily work and body too. A normal man should take 6-8 hours of sleep during the night or else you will be in serious trouble by getting affected by many diseases in future. Sleeping during the night is very essential and there is no substitute for it. Many people sacrifice their night sleep and compensate it with sleeping during the daytime which is a very bad habit. Sufficient amount of sleep and waking up early in the morning is always a good habit which is also known to boost our immune system.

9.Addiction to Something

Getting addicted to anything is a sign of warning and danger. People get addicted to alcohol, smoking and all kind of bad habits. By doing so, they invest their time in this and they are controlled by all those instead they were in a position to control it. People can invest their time is something good in their life. Too much of anything is always bad. Even if we are addicted to dangerless habit it will be problematic for you in the future.

10.Lying to Doctor

Bad habits for Kids | bad Habits | bad habits to avoid

There is saying that we should never lie to doctors and lawyers. Lying to the doctor can lead to misdiagnoses and also dangerous drug interactions. It’s understandable that it will be embarrassing to discuss your body which someone else but doctors can treat you well only if they know your case history well so that they will prescribe you the necessary drug your body needs.

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