Amazing Facts About Human Body : Interesting Facts About Human Body

Human beings are the well-developed species of this planet earth. Those developments did not come in a day, and it almost took millions of years. Among the billions of species why, did we alone attain this much of development? The answer is the structure of our body. Our body design is a unique one and that accepted those mutations over the millions of years.

We have to be proud because we have the most advanced version of body structure on this planet. The undoubted thing is we have an updated body type, but many of us don’t know the special facts of our body. So this is for who want to know about the interesting facts of our body.

intersting fact about human body


We all know our brains understand through the signals from our body parts called brain impulses, but the interesting thing is the speed of our brain impulse is 400km/hr which means our brain impulse can travel from Chennai to Bangalore less than an hour or it covers a distance between New York to Washington, DC in an hour. But the saddest thing is human brains are 0.0008seconds slower, which means what we are touching, what we are feeling and even what we are seeing is not a present thing.

Our brain is chemical stuff but the most interesting thing is nearly 100000 chemical reactions are occurring every second inside our brain.


Our hairs have the strength to lift up to 200 grams. Have you ever thought that why males only lose their hairs and getting bald? If you have that question, the answer is because of Di hydroxyl testosterone. Females don’t have that hormone. Whenever males jack off, they stimulate that hormone.

Here is the exiting fact males bald occurs only in the head, not in a face that is because the amount of hair grows in the face decides the possibility of baldness. Pubic hairs are grown because to protect the sex organs from radiation. Yes, our sex organs are more sensitive to radiations.

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Human eyes have cone cells which help to see the colors and there are 3 types of cone cells for three different colors (red, green and blue) but the weirdest thing is females can easily understand the colors than males that is because they have x-x chromosomes.

amazing facts

The x chromosome has the data for cone cells, because of being 2-x they are all gifted.
An average human eye blinks nearly five years throughout their life. Humans can see nearly a million color combinations, but our brain will not remember that.


Our ears are growing throughout of our life, quarter millimeter a year.


The speed of our sneeze is 140km/hour which means we can sneeze faster than Sadapthi Express train.


Human’s biometric fingerprint is used for identification but some of the monozygotic twins may have the same fingerprint but that is for fingers only because ever individual humans have individual tongue prints. Imagine what will happen when Aadhar preferred to use tongue prints than fingerprints?

There are billions of bacteria living on every human mouth but the interesting thing is it is more than the micro-organisms living on the earth.


Humans can activate 17 muscles in their face while smiling but we can even activate 48 muscles while crying, funny right! Women cry 17 times more than men in their lifespan.

crying facts


The human stomach can digest nearly 5 tons of food during the lifetime.
In the human intestine, there will be millions of lactobacilli bacteria which came through by the milk we drink daily without them we won’t digest properly.

Sexual Organs

Here is the weirdest thing 29% of the males used to have periods and they will behave irritated and unhappy during those days some people might even feel the stomach pain All of us are initially a female which means in mom’s womb. X-X chromosome is for the female and X-Y for a male that Y chromosome will not be active till embryo stats to develop which may take 5 to 6 weeks so respect females.

There is a big market running on human sex organs, some company sells tablets to grow the male pennies to give more pleasure but the truth is size won’t determine the pleasure. And the interesting thing is 89% of women prefer shorter pennies. Human’s anus contains E-coli bacteria. Let us remain them in the anus itself.

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Hormone Glands

There are many hormone glands in our body and those glands help us to move our daily life, this is the known one but the unknown fact is without these glands we can’t reproduce. Without Testosterone males won’t attract females and without Estrogen females won’t attract males. Without Dopamine and Oxytocin humans won’t live happily.

Concentration Points of our Body

Our body is the form of cosmic energy and that energy is stored in the 7 concentration points of our body. They are usually called as 7 chakras (order, will, wisdom, earnestness, patience, love, and mercy.) these chakras form circulation in our body from spine to the lower pelvic area and ends in the collective basin in left to right direction. These concentration points resemble our feeling, and they control our body organs.

human body facts
The interesting fact is, the literature says Tamil yogis controlled these 7 chakras and they became immortal. The literature says humans can become dimensionless and dead less being by setting those 7 chakras in a straight column.

Some More Special Interesting Facts About Human Body

  • Women blink their eyes more than men do.
  • Blood runs 19,312 km distance a day.
  • Every year human is losing 2 kg of skin cells.
  • Women’s heart pumps faster than men but men heart beats faster only when they see women.
  • The total length of nerves in human is 75 km.

With these entire things, we can understand one, which is we are living a gifted and blessed life. So we have to use that wise by spreading love and practicing humanity. Use your body as a good weapon and respect opposite sex. Remember among the millions of species we are only gifted.

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