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Welcome to India’s Google, Songs is always ultimate and most powerful weapons for everyone’s world you know, if you are in the office or home or wherever we love to listen to the songs always. Nowadays people are crazy about Tamil album songs as well, as like Tamil film industries. They also producing and giving wonderful songs for us!

album song in tamil | Tamil songs download

I think, in the year 2018 there are many more Tamil album songs are released and got good responses from the audiences know, we collected those top 10 best Tamil album songs in this list guys, Just check out these top 10 Best album songs in Tamil industry and make sure you have been seen or heard these all songs. if not, just do it now.


Top 10 Best Tamil Album Songs

  • Orasatha
  • Neeye
  • En Uravay
  • Kannerile
  • Abinaya
  • Usuraiya Tholaichaen
  • Pogiren
  • Vellai Poove
  • Kadhal Enbathu Sabama
  • Manasa Yendi Norukura

1. Orasatha:

Orasatha has been on everyone’s playlist repeat mode lately. It has been the most loved song recently by everyone. The song from “7up Magras Gig” has ruled everyone’s heart.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Orasaadha
  • Music: Vivek-Mervin
  • Singers: Mervin Solomon and Vivek Siva
  • Lyrics: Ku. Karthik

Watch Orasatha Video Song

2. Neeye:

“Neeye” is a Tamil album song celebrating dance and music along with love between two hearts. It is the most enjoyed music video by almost every music lover.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Neeye
  • Music: Phani Kalyan
  • Singers: Sharanya Srinivas, Yazin Nizar
  • Lyrics: Arivu

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3. En Uravay:

The song, “en uravay” sung by The mystro and Sathya Nithi casts them both. It is a deep love song with wonderful lyrics written by Tharcicha.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: En Uravay
  • Music: Vernon G Segaram
  • Singers: Tha Mystro & Sathya Nithi
  • Lyrics: Tharcicha

Watch En Uravay Video

Top 10 Best Songs in Tamil 2018

4. Kannerile:

The song “kannerile” produced by Behindwoods is a popular number which comes with a 5k amusing video starring Vanothan ketheeswaran, Lavi Rathy. The song is a hit as it is sung by a popular singer Dhilip varman, he adds sentimental dialogues in-between which adds more emotion to a song.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Kannerile
  • Music: Sayeetharshan
  • Singers: Dhilip Varman
  • Lyrics: Vanothan Ketheeswaran

Watch Kannerile Song Video

5. Abinaya:

The most seen album song of the year, casting Mugen Rao, starts with a cute cum comedy proposal scene. The song delivers the pain of love in the cutest way to his girl “Abinaya”. And Abhinaya’s expressions are matchless. As a whole, the song is a happy love song for the start of a life together as a couple.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Abinaya
  • Music: Shane Extreme, Mugen Rao MGR
  • Singers: Mugen Rao MGR
  • Lyrics: Mugen Rao MGR

Watch Abinaya Album Video

6. Usuraiya Tholaichaen:

album song in tamil

The song “Usuraiya Tholaichaen” penned by Surivalen is on number 6. The song is good but moves slowly as it is a deep song expressing the pain of love. It is a perfect play for the hearts playing against odds.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Usuraiya Tholaichaen
  • Music: Stephen Zechariah
  • Singers: Stephen Zechariah | Pragathi Guruprasad
  • Lyrics: Suriavelan

Usuraiya Tholaichaen Video Song

7. Pogiren:

Again, a Mugen Rao’s hit stands top 7th. The song starts with a dispute scene between 2 lovers and the whole song describes and praises the happy moments spent together as the lover is getting apart due to unhappy future plans. Parshan’s music is a delight.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Pogiren
  • Music: Prashan Sean
  • Singers: Mugen Rao MGR & Prashan Sean
  • Lyrics: Mugen Rao MGR

Pogiren Tamil Album Song Video

8. Vellai Poove:

“Vellai poove”, a Teejay’s hit casting once of the most beautiful artist Gloria memar. Teejay goes with his style, the song starting as a melody with a western beat and a rap takes up the lead. The whole song is a beautiful fusion which delivers its best to their fans.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Vellai Poove
  • Music: DEYO

Watch Vellai Poove Video Song

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9. Kadhal Enbathu Sabama:

album song in tamil | Best tamil album songs

This is a song by a young crew, Lawrence soosai as Music director. The song is actually questioning himself about the unanswered questions arising inside him as the life passes by.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Kadhal Enbathu Sabama
  • Music: Bala Ganapathi William
  • Singers: Bala Ganapathi William
  • Lyrics: Sheezay & Santesh

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10. Manasa Yendi Norukura:

The top 10th track is “Manasa yendi norukura” gives a short intro about the situation that the couple has been going through. The song is all about the guy whose girl is hurting him by words. A sad song comforting wrecked shipped brothers.

Song Details:

  • Song Name: Manasa Yendi Norukura
  • Music: Vicky
  • Singers: Dhinesh Danush
  • Lyrics: Dhinesh Danush, Rajesh

Watch Manasa Yendi Norukura Song

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